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#Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land Review Rewind

As Told by Gunpei

The Game Boy- created by the late Gunpei Yokoi- was Nintendo's first handheld system to mix the portability of the Game & Watch with the seemingly infinite possibilities of interchangeable cartridges.  Although Tetris was the pack-in game with every unit, Nintendo still wanted to have at least one title in the 1989 launch lineup that their consumer base would instantly recognize.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 32: The Pantsless and the Damned

Or: The Great GTA Debate

It's a shorter episode of Nerds Without Pants this week. That's either a blessing or a curse depending on your feelings on the Pantsless Ones. Life got in the way of our normal show format, but that's probably a good thing since you're all playing Grand Theft Auto V right now anyway.

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