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Nerds Without Pants Episode 65.5: Catharsis

Hey, just because we don't wear pants doesn't mean we don't have deep thoughts.

Well hello again. It’s time for part two of Nerds Without Pants episode 65: the show so nice we named it twice. This is a continuation of our lengthy discussion with Liana Kerzer, and this entire episode is about mental health and how video games can tie into that and even help. This ends up being a very personal episode of Nerds Without Pants, and you are about to see a different side of Angelo, Patrick, and Julian. So enjoy, and we hope that this topic begins some open discussion. Keep in mind that there are spoilers for the Gears of War and God of War series throughout.

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The Healing Power of Video Games

Or: How Diablo 3 helped me fight some of my personal demons.

Recently, I came out of “review retirement” to give a glowing report of the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo 3. In that review I talked about how the game really pulled me in this second time around and wouldn’t let go. It’s a fantastic console port and I have no qualms about double dipping on it. If anything, I got more enjoyment out of Diablo 3 on PS4 than I did on the PC, but a lot of that had to do with it being the right game at the right time. While the review platform wasn’t the appropriate place for it, I need to explain just why the act of obliterating hordes of demonic foes for a hundred hours was so cathartic for me. In light of the recent gaming culture landscape I think it’s important to remember how great video games can be, and in rare circumstances even healing.

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Farewell to the Wii: Surviving with Just a Wii: The 3 Stages of a Console Cycle

It begins again...

I have always been a one-console guy. The cost of a second console has never been something I could justify, and I certainly was not going to afford Sony and Microsoft's High Definition money-vacuuming machines. With Twilight Princess looking pretty nice and the motion controls showing a lot of potential for interesting new gameplay ideas, getting a Wii in 2006 was a no-brainer.

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