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#game freak

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu Review

Spin-off? Remake? Soft reboot?

After playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, I am convinced that Game Freak is incapable of dropping the ball (pun not intended). Everything about the new title convinced me that something had to go wrong. It’s a remake of Pokemon Yellow, a rehash of Red and Blue Versions (which already received remakes fourteen years ago). In addition, it’s incorporating the more shallow catching mechanics from the free to play Pokemon Go on mobile, usually the kiss of death a console game. On top of that, Nintendo has admitted it is a cash grab, as they wanted a Pokemon game on the Switch without rushing the true sequel. And yet, not only is Pokemon Let’s Go just as fun and addicting as the core titles, but I now I want Let’s Go sequels for every other Pokemon generation.

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Win a Copy of HarmoKnight!

Enter to win a copy of a game we love!

[UPDATE: The contest is now closed.  We'll let you know very soon who our winner is!  Thanks to everyone who participated.]

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Game Freak Reveals Pokemon Black and White 2

The surprise announcement reveals sequels rather than the expected Pokemon Grey.

In a surprise announcement, Game Freak, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo have announced that the latest in the Pokemon series will be a direct sequel to the latest generation of Pokemon games, Black and White. Forgoing the typical "third" game that offers all of the Pokemon found individually in each of the titles, the franchise is breaking new ground with the first direct sequel in the mainline series ever. Both Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 will be coming to the Nintendo DS in Japan this June, with an American release confirmed, but an exact date to be announced.

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