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This Gen, This Month, Another Year: January 2019

Money tight? Why not play an amazing game from yesteryear for cheap?

Hello all, this is a new feature I've been thinking about for a bit. Every month seems to be littered with, “Must Play" games and few wallets can handle it. Luckily theres plenty of games to play from yesteryear that are easier on your wallet and are just as amazing. This feature will highlight a great game that released the same month that you should be able to find for cheap. Every pick is for our current console (and possibly PC) generation. Let's get started!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 128: Nerds in Space

Uh-oh, Julian found the reverb button.

Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants! We’re a nerd down, but that doesn’t stop Julian and Angelo from getting together to talk some Consumption Junction stuff. So join us for a meandering and random edition that’s…quite a lot of fun, actually!

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Sony Stays the Course

Not much new at E3 2017, but maybe we didn't need it.

Let’s face it: while Microsoft has plenty of lost ground to make up for, Sony has been sitting pretty since the beginning of the 8th console generation. Even with the waves being made by the Nintendo Switch, there probably isn’t much that Sony needs to do to keep their position in the market secure. So their E3 presentation this year was a deliberate, measured, and comprehensive volley of games, even if there was little to surprise viewers.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - "Let's Talk Gwent"

Gwent 101 with Rafal Jaki, and Damien Monnier of CD Projekt Red

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