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#inFamous 2

Nerds Without Pants Episode 19: Patrick's Day

We've got plenty o' Pa(tricks) and lepre(cons) fer ye, lads and lasses!

Hello, and welcome to a very special edition of Nerds Without Pants! Patrick takes the helm this week for the holiday that was named after him. That...may not be an accurate statement, but the name of the game is all sorts of clever tricks and cons in the world of video games.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 18: Sony's World

We think the PS4 sucks...NOT!

Hello again! This week on Nerds Without Pants Julian and Patrick give all of their love to the PlayStation 4. There’s been a ton of negative talk swirling around the new Sony console, and the Pantsless Ones bring a refreshing amount of positive vibes to the discussion. But before that—games!

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inFAMOUS 2 Hands On Preview

A sequel that seems to have improved in every way from an already great game.

When inFamous was released in 2009, it took the gaming world by storm. It was a super-hero inspired game that used open world mechanics along with a deep story and strong morale choices to catch the eyes of many gamers. inFamous was met with critical acclaim, and now the team at Sucker Punch seeks out to top the first game in each and every way with inFamous 2. From my hands on with the game, I feel that it truly lives up to that expectation.

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