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#kevin butler

Marketing 101: Sony

Sony may be the once and future king (we'll see), but they've had some stinkers for ad campaigns...

Welcome back to marketing 101, where we look back at the historical console campaigns of the “Big Three.” Last time was all about Nintendo, the dominant force in the video games industry from 1986 on. Well, at least until a little electronics company from Japan decided to get into the market in 1995. Let’s see how this upstart conquered the gaming landscape, only to fall far behind due to their own hubris.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 18: Sony's World

We think the PS4 sucks...NOT!

Hello again! This week on Nerds Without Pants Julian and Patrick give all of their love to the PlayStation 4. There’s been a ton of negative talk swirling around the new Sony console, and the Pantsless Ones bring a refreshing amount of positive vibes to the discussion. But before that—games!

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