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Marketing 101: Sony

Sony may be the once and future king (we'll see), but they've had some stinkers for ad campaigns...

Welcome back to marketing 101, where we look back at the historical console campaigns of the “Big Three.” Last time was all about Nintendo, the dominant force in the video games industry from 1986 on. Well, at least until a little electronics company from Japan decided to get into the market in 1995. Let’s see how this upstart conquered the gaming landscape, only to fall far behind due to their own hubris.

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Jon Lewis Staff Writer

11/13/2013 at 03:45 PM

I love the Perfect Day ad. Its catchy, in a good way. 


11/13/2013 at 04:27 PM

Sony has such a fantastic collection of first and second party developers that their software sells the system nowadays.  I picked up a PS3 specifically to play the Insomniac games.  


11/15/2013 at 04:48 PM

Interesting article. It's cool to see all of these old commercials. I draw different conclusions in some areas. For one thing, we have to look how the landscape changed. In the infancy of the PlayStation the industry was still fighting for shares in the emerging home console market featuring a myriad of companies including but not limited to Turbo Grafx, 3DO, and Atari. Sega and Sony both tried to distance themselves from the industry leader, Nintendo by being the most avant garde, which would by default make them more mature than Nintendo as kids do grow up. Sega, even before Sony reflected this attitude with campaigns like "Welcome To The Next Level" and eventually with "Fly Play Thing, Fly" which was Saturn's response to the PlayStation.

The PS2 and PS3 campaigns reflect this edgier ideology. But the times changed. Consoles are commonplace now. They have to perform other functions like watching date movies on Netflix and checking e-mail. Consoles are horribly mundane now. You can't have a toy baby crying the apocalypse in font of a levitating PS3 obelisk. Agreed. It's too upsetting to the average consumer who can't think on that level. They need death neatly wrapped in a bow. Look at the "Greatness  Awaits" commercial. It's a dude in a suit getting out of his crashed BMW to play war games. It could easily be that NES-era kid all grown up. Sony knows the demographic now: the majority. The days of PlayStation One were about rebel culture. This is even reflected in Sony's hardware choices. The Cell, the Emotion Engine, are all gone in favor of a plain old PC. They don't have to innovate on that end anymore. It's too expensive and no one cares. We all got second or better paying jobs and I'm going to pay less in real dollars for a PS4 than a PS2. All Sony has to do is make some great exclusives to go along with the cross-platform favorites and they will be solid.

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