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#la noire

More Human Than Human

Traversing the uncanny valley

It was in the late 1970s that Masahiro Mori first observed what was later termed the uncanny valley. Through his work in robotics he noted that the human emotional response to his machinations would become more positive as they became more human in appearance and mannerism. This general upward trend in positive emotional response would continue until the robot achieved a level of near human realism, at which point the human reaction would drop off to the point of revulsion. The human reaction would remain in this uncanny valley and would only rise again once there was no discernable difference between the robot and a living, breathing human being.

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PixlTalk Episode 33: Mulligan

After a failed attempt at podcasting last night, Nick and Chessa take a mulligan and create a new version of the latest issue of PixlTalk.

Last night's podcast recording was doomed before it even began. After an hour and a half of complete and utter chaos, we were left with an unsalvageable mess that had to be scrapped as the official 33rd episode of PixlTalk. Instead, Nick and Chessa take a calm, rested, and sober approach for a much more organized and discussion-oriented recording.

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