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Resogun - Stages Trailer

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Double The Fun? - Mario Mania #2

Two games in one part! Can you guess which one I like better?

Different things usually happened with Nintendo in two completely different continents. While the NES arrived in 1986 in North America, Japan was already in its third year of Famicom glory. Nintendo’s then-released Famicom Disk System introduced the battery back-up save feature, eliminating the need for long over-drawn password saves. Games like Metroid and The Legend of Zelda greatly benefited from this innovation. It was also this year that Nintendo saw fit to release a sequel to Super Mario Bros, appropriately titled Super Mario Bros. 2. This was a completely different Super Mario Bros. 2 than the one North Americans got in 1988. So what in the world happened?

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PixlTalk Episode 32, Side B: 2.0 Launch Special

Side B of our 3 sided launch extravaganza includes talk of level 100 carrots, MMO failures and bitching about 3D, micro transactions and everything in between

In the second part of our PixlTalk 2.0 launch series, Nate hosts with Matt R, Stanton and Jason H sitting in for a talk concerning modern gaming.

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