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Nerds Without Pants Episode 224: Maximum Feet

Japanese military high school, or Japanese murder high school. Choose!

Welcome to the return of Stage Select on Nerds Without Pants! After the dust has settled on the Video Game Cage Match Championship Tournament it’s time to get back to the old show format with a new focus on our lovely listeners. To that end we are joined by long time listener, first time guest Xavier Kreiger to talk about all sorts of dumb stuff. Let’s go!

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Dragon Fin Soup - Pax Rising 2015 Gameplay Demonstration

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Dead Rising 3 Review

I got 53,594 problems and a zombie ain’t one!

As Sony and Microsoft battle it out for a new generation of consoles, the place where things are most crucial is with the exclusive titles. With both consoles on a somewhat level playing field, everything comes down to the games, and the Xbox One has a strong first showing with Dead Rising 3, a title that gives a good look at what the new machine can do while also highlighting some things that could be improved.

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Digital Mystery Tour Episode 16: Guitar Heroes

Are you ready to rock?!

I said, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! Boy, I sure hope so, because I've got some video game tracks that will melt your face off! I'll admit that I'm relatively new to rock music, as I was raised on the music of the '40s, '50s, and '60s, but in recent years I've really learned to rock out. So I wanted to share some of that love to you, the listeners. Unfortunately, I couldn't fill a brandy glass with nothing but brown M&Ms, so Ozzy didn't go on. Sorry about that. Oh, and here's that amazing music video by Tomoyasu Hotei. Enjoy!

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