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N7 Day: What Mass Effect Means to Me

Julian gets nostalgic for his Commander Shepard on BioWare's made up PR day.

It’s November 7th, which is a very important day. No, no, not the fact that the Presidential election is over; I’m talking about vital, pressing issues. Yes friends, today is national N7 Day, so I thought I’d take some time to wax nostalgic about the Mass Effect series and what it’s meant to me. It’s no secret around PixlBit that I’m a pretty rabid Mass Effect fan. Heck, I hosted an entire podcast about the series. With the trilogy wrapped up in a neat little bow (more or less), what better day to shine a light on the saga of Commander Shepard?

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Tell Me About Your Emotional Connection to Mass Effect

Nick's looking for your answers.

The Shepard Trilogy of Mass Effect has finally come to an end, which has evoked some strong feelings from fans. There's outrage over the ending and not just the ending, but its impact on the series as a whole. I have no feelings on the topic as I have not even played a single title in the series, and truthfully, I have very little ambition to ever do so. Sure, I gave Mass Effect a shot and I actually own both the first and second title, but as someone who's not much a fan of sci-fi, the story and characters hold little intrigue for me. But this is not about me; this is about you, the fans of the series.

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Mass Effect Review Rewind

The epic tale of Commander Shepard begins here!

Mass Effect was a watershed moment for developer, BioWare. It was the game that solidified their presence on consoles, building on the success of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. It was also their first truly smash-hit original IP thanks to its publishing deal with Microsoft Studios. Five years later, and on the eve of the conclusion of the “Commander Shepard Trilogy”, how does the original Mass Effect hold up?

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Mass Effect 3 - E3 Trailer

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