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Mass Effect 3 PC Specs Are Quite Reasonable

You don't quite need a super PC to run the next Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6, but it would probably be good to know if your PC can run the game before it's released. Luckily since the technology powering the upcoming game isn't much different from the previous game, PC gamers are getting a forgiving set of specs.

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RUMOR: Wii U Specs Show It's Slightly More Powerful Than the Xbox 360

Wasn't it supposed to be better?

Some new specs have been released about the Wii U console Nintendo announced this past E3. Since the convention, details have been sparse and little has been revealed. However, an unnamed Japanese developer who is allegedly porting a PlayStation 3 game to the console has leaked out these details about the console's internal power. Nintendo has not officially announced anything yet so this is only speculative at the moment.

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