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Nerds Without Pants Episode 35: Comic Book Men

It's all about the funny books.

Well, we're a bit late thanks to technical difficulties and busy schedules, but the Nerds Without Pants are back with another special format. Once again there is no time for the media we've been consuming, as we are joined by fan favorite John Gholson to talk all things comic books.

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Fighting Fundamentals with JD - Character Selection


So, you’ve picked your game and are ready to jump in the ring, but you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, this problem can be solved with the simplest of concepts – favoritism. It’s something that we as people naturally do when it comes to anything we enjoy, and fighting games are no different. When it comes to selecting a game to play, the biggest draw is usually something that you personally find interesting. This also goes for the characters you select to play as. In most cases the character you elect to dedicate most of your time into directly ties into your overall enjoyment of the game. So naturally it’s best to go with what you like.

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Fighting Fundamentals with JD

Ever wanted to learn how to get good at fighting games? Well here are some tips!

Fighting games can be some of the most intimidating games out there. Whether it was back in the arcades where every victory relied on your hard earned money, or today where playing online unprepared can lead to some embarrassing losses. Though a tough nut to crack, fighting games can also be extremely rewarding. 

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Preview

You might want to keep your eyes on this one...

When it came to Injustice: Gods Among Us, my initial reaction was a resounding “meh”. Don’t get me wrong – I’m actually a huge fan of DC Comics, and fighting games for that matter. A few weeks ago, Injustice was a game that I couldn't care less about. I didn’t like the character designs. I wasn’t sure I wanted to learn a new fighting game. And I definitely thought the stage interactions were extremely gimmicky. However, now as I type this, I couldn’t be more pumped to get my hands on the game and explore its intricacies. So you might ask, “What changed your mind JD?” In a nutshell the answer is this – good marketing.

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LEGO Batman 2 Reveal Leaked, To Feature Multiple Superheroes

Superman and Wonder Woman are among possible co-stars.

The Danish toy firm LEGO recently scored a major coup by securing licenses for both the DC and Marvel comic book universes.  The company has plans to bring LEGO forms of Batman, Superman, Spider-man and the Avengers to the build-crazy public next year, starting with Batman.

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