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#the messenger

Nerds Without Pants Episode 180: Failure to Launch

It's thinking...

Somehow, Nerds Without Pants has been podcasting pantsless for 8 years straight! Angelo joins us for a celebration, lots of reminiscing about console launches, and a good amount of video game talk. This is one of our most fun episodes so far this year, so don’t miss it!

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The Messenger Review

Being a delivery boy has never been so much fun.

It’s not often that a game does something that completely surprises me, but The Messenger managed to catch me totally off guard. What appears to be a modern 8-bit take on Ninja Gaiden suddenly morphs into something more at the halfway point of the game. Its once linear levels branch out and become a Metroid-like maze, with hidden secrets abound. Not only that, but the graphics and sound boost into 16-bit and the world takes on an extra level of detail. While this gimmick was incredibly cool, the tight gameplay and intricate level design is what makes The Messenger a truly special experience.

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