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Transistor Review

Red's Allure

Following Supergiant’s critically acclaimed game Bastion, Transistor comes off as a very similar game, initially at least. Transistor quickly forms an identity of its own, boasting a unique battle system and an intriguing story. I found myself getting wrapped into Transistor’s many layers, whether it was exploring the city of Cloudbank, discovering the motives behind the mysterious Camerata, or strategically managing my abilities to give me that extra edge in combat. Transistor is a riveting and memorable experience from beginning to end.

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Sony Drops Some Bombs at E3 2013

The PS4's opening salvo for the console wars is a lethal one.

The legacy of the PlayStation brand is an interesting one. Back in 1995, Sony was the scrappy underdog, and fought tooth and claw to ascend to the top of the video game heap, crippling Sega and putting Nintendo on shaky ground for the first time ever. The PlayStation 2 cemented their dominance over the market, with tons of instant classics released for the console. But by 2005, Sony had gotten soft, comfortable at the top. Their hubris was easy to see, and even the biggest PlayStation fans have to agree that they made some bone-headed moves at the beginning of the PS3’s life cycle. If one thing was made abundantly clear at Sony’s E3 press conference, it’s that they’ve come to reclaim their fans, as well as win over a whole new host of them.

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Transistor - Announcement Trailer

From the creators of Bastion comes the reveal of their latest project: Transistor.

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