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Crayola Scoot Review

OK, I know what you're thinking...

If you were to assume Crayola Scoot is a shovelware title not even worth a look, I wouldn’t blame you. But in this particular instance, you’d be mistaken. As it turns out, it’s a well done extreme sports title in the vein of Tony Hawk or Skate, with a hefty dose of Splatoon influence as well. With depth, variety, and a sizeable number of challenges, there’s plenty on offer in Crayola Scoot to bring in those that have been pining for a new skateboarding experience (though I’ll admit using a scooter is much less cool).

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Blood Bowl 2 - "Dark Elves' Tricks And Treats"

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Joe Danger: Special Edition Review

It’s Joooooe DANGER!!!

Joe Danger: Special Edition is about the daredevil Joe Danger who is attempting to make a comeback after an accident in a previous stunt. The colorful graphics and exciting soundtrack give the game a great presentation and gets you pumped to do an assortment of tricks and tasks. It has a very old school, arcade feel that’s been polished for this generation.

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