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#video games

Nerds Without Pants Special: Music and Lyrics

Justin is Hugh Grant and Julian is Drew Barrymore!

Welcome back! We’re still on hiatus, but it’s time for our annual music special, and we have a jam-packed edition this year. We’ve gone back to our older format of getting together and talking about our music selections and what they mean to us. In traditional Nerds Without Pants fashion we overshare, things get heavy, and then there’s probably a joke about boobs or something. You know how it goes by now.

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PB & Jason Issue 6: Music Games And Video Games Live

In this episode, PB and Jason goes where it's never gone before. Where? You'll have to listen and find out.

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PixlTalk E3 Day 2 - Tommy Tallarico Interview

Chris and Jason Ross interview Tommy Tallarico about Video Games Live.

Chris and I were given the opportunity to catch an interview with Tommy Tallarico to talk about Video Games Live and the upcoming Concert this Thursday night. Tune in to hear how music is selected, if old game music ever dies, even where you can buy Video Games Live sheet music and more in our unedited podcast version of the interview.

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