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The Travel Log: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Part 1) Hands On Preview

Hesitant about FF XIV? Understandable, but you may be surprised....

It's unprecedented for an MMORPG to get a second curtain call, but that's exactly what's happening with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It's an almost completely rebuilt version of the disastrous original that is going to get a second chance at life next month. After playing a good amount of the Phase 3 beta, I’m ready to believe that the game could right all of the wrongs of its 2010 release.

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E3 2013: The Future of Final Fantasy

There's a lot of Final Fantasy on the way, but is it the Final Fantasy people want?

Final Fantasy. Just saying the name conjures up all manner of conflicting thoughts these days. Square Enix is not the company it once was, and its flagship RPG series has encountered a lot of negativity and lukewarm receptions in recent years. Don’t count this legendary franchise out just yet though; there are plenty of interesting developments for the series coming from E3, including more than one mea culpa from the development side of the equation. With games coming down the pipeline from FF X to XV, I think it’s best that we tackle them in Roman numerical order, don’t you?

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Final Fantasy X Looks Pretty in HD

Check out the first trailer, and additional information on what's going to be on the disc.

Final Fantasy X HD was one of the feathers in the cap of the PS Vita when it was announced, and then things went dark on the project for quite some time. Today, Square Enix unveiled the first trailer for the game, and confirmed that Final Fantasy X-2 is also getting the HD treatment. Unfortunately for PS Vita owners, this announcement isn’t all great news…

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Five Fixes For Final Fantasy

We give Square Enix some friendly tips for keeping the Fantasy alive.

When Jesse Miller, our resident features guru, asked if I would be interested in doing a Final Fantasy retrospective for the series’ 25th anniversary last year my answer was a resounding “yes!” In the months that followed, I poured all of my love and dedication into a five part series detailing the 14 core Final Fantasy games. It was a labor of love for me; no series of games has been more influential or important to me as a gamer. I’m a staunch defender of these games, even when they go into weird territory like iOS time-wasters. That doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the fact that the series isn’t what it once was, however. As excited as I am for the future of Final Fantasy, I think that the fine folks over at Square Enix need to take a good long look at where the series stands. To that end, I have 5 things that I think could help immensely as we move forward into the next generation.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 17: The All-Japan Pro Podcast

Sayonara, Rob-san!

Welcome to another edition of Nerds Without Pants! No, this show isn't about an epic wrestling match between Antonio Inoki and Great Baba.This time, we revisit a topic that we talked about when we were still the Tri-Force crew on PixlTalk: Japanese games. Instead of rehashing material we take advantage of the fact that we’re nearing the end of the console cycle and grade major Japanese developers on their performance. Before that, we talk about what games we’ve been playing.

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Heroes of Ruin Hands On Preview

Square-Enix gives us an online hack-n-slash experience unlike anything we've seen before on a Nintendo handheld.

Nintendo’s struggles with their online strategy (if you can call it that) are widely known and widely reviled.  We’ve seen some slight improvements as the years click by, but it looks like Square-Enix might be the ones to teach the big N how to really do things right on the 3DS with Heroes of Ruin.  Square-Enix and design house n-Space picked the perfect sort of game to leverage the online functionality of the 3DS – a dungeon crawler.  Keeping far away from the frame-by-frame criticality of an FPS or fighting game, a game in the vein of Diablo should let Nintendo’s network stretch its legs without really angering the hardcore twitch gamers.  Although already released in Europe, Heroes of Ruin doesn’t launch in North America until July 17th, and the online multiplayer is just one aspect that has us sharpening our swords in anticipation.

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