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Nerds Without Pants Special: PS4>Xbox One

Winner by a knockout: PlayStation 4!

Hello there! The Pantsless Ones simply couldn't stay silent after the Sony press conference. Here is an hour of unfiltered, unedited NWP, with the guys high off of video game announcements.

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Push Start to Continue Episode 10: New Hardware Edition

Finally, we can watch television on our televisions.

In this edition of Push Start to Continue the boys don’t spend any time at all talking about the newly announced Xbox One and Microsoft’s “One Device to Rule Them All!” market strategy…wait, that’s actually the opposite of what happens here.

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Sony Declares War

Fire up the blogs, forums, and comments, people--the Console Wars are back!

On February 20th, Sony unleashed the opening volley in what could very well be the next generation of the fabled Console Wars with the introduction of the PlayStation 4. The message was clear: “We messed up with the PS3 and let our ego get the better of us. But we’re learning from our mistakes, and we’re taking the fight to our competitors.” From the opening song “Monster Hospital” by Metric to the strategic use of classic PlayStation cues for speakers at the conference, it seems like Sony is embracing the now storied history of the PlayStation brand and is ready for a hell of a battle with Microsoft and Nintendo.

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