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The Last of Us Coming Exclusively to PS3

New enigmatic game to be officially outed at Spike's VGAs.

The Spike TV Video Game Awards is starting to become a hotbed for major reveals.  With information on Alan Wake 2, BioWare’s next project and more to be revealed, there is many a video game enthusiast's DV-R scheduled to record the event.  But even a week before the show airs we’re starting to get some teasers of what’s going to show, including a PlayStation 3 exclusive called The Last of Us.

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Producer Carousel Continues on Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Another jumps ship on the next Metal Gear production.

It’s been two years since Metal Gear Solid: Rising was announced and we still haven’t learned anything new about the game.  What we do know is extremely limited.  We know that the game is bound for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, that it will star the polarizing Metal Gear cast member Raiden and that the game can’t keep a producer to save its life.

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New Alan Wake Teased

It's a quick look, but it's sure to get some people pumped.

Spike TV's Video Game Awards has become a popular place to stage major release reveals.  Last year’s show saw the announcement of Skyrim which will see release this Friday and a host of other major releases such as Portal 2, Batman: Arkham City and the still mysterious Guillermo Del Toro’s Insane.

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