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About Me:

Healthcare professional by day; beer drinker, pasta eater and video gamer by night and most weekends.

Favorite Games:

NES classics with Kid Icarus being closest to my heart, GoldenEye 007, Mortal Kombat, and by default, purely for the hours dedicated to it, Skyrim. The list is growing as I get my money's worth on the Switch.

Favorite Music:

Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, Queen, Starset, Gorillaz, recently got into The Dear Hunter; most rock I'll listen to with a hard right turn into the classical violin genre.

Latest Posts

The Adventure Pals Review

Friends don't let friends fight evil alone.

In a land of menacing hot dogs and monster wildlife, a young boy is tasked with a great quest to save his Papa. This concept of a dangerous journey and humbly accepting a noble enterprise to save a loved one is not new to video games. The Adventure Pals, however, takes on a unique perspective to this theme by weaving in characters and scenes that keep you moving quickly through an exciting world.  

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