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About Me:

Awww yeah, we do game clubs here! Every one I partake in will be posted in my profile. I wear these shits like badges of honor.

My Backloggery:

Just a member of the proletariat. I enjoy my family, gaming, and watching good shows and BBQ'ing. Currently searching for a job, but I'm pretty sure that the search won't last too terribly long.

I WAS a machinist for a living. I work with industrial lathes, vertical mills and machines of that nature. I wasn't always on that path, there was a time when I thought teaching would be my career. God, I'm glad that didn't work out.
Currently, I'm a prep cook for a national chain restaurant, Chili's. God, I hope it doesn't last forever.

My name is Dan, but you can call me DJ, or Deej (Dee-Juh) for short.

My son, Xander, is now 6 years old, and loves all the same things that I loved at that age: games, video games, cartoons, and being at home.

I recently decided to clear up my backlog....errrm, try to anyhow

Favorite Games:

Just a few that really stand out for me...


- Final Fantasy III (VI)
- Mass Effect 2
- Persona 3 Portable
- Counter Strike
- The Legend Of Zelda (NES)
- Super Mario Bros. 3
- Skyrim
- Fatal Fury series
- Star Tropics
- Call of Duty: World At War (i'm not a fps nut, but I really really loved this game..first online beta I ever got in on)
- Shining Force
- Disgaea series
- nearly all Shin Megami Tensei games
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- Star Wars: Battlefront
- Star Wars KOTOR
-Metro: Last Light

Favorite Music:

-Led Zeppelin
-Van Halen
-most anything that sounds classical, or symphonic
-Action Bronson
-All West Coast Rap and Hip-Hop