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About Me:


For our entire lives, we've been avid gamers with a deep passion for the industry. It started in our childhood where both of us grew entirely too attached to our Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Mega Man, Tetris, and countless other classics consumed more time than we'd like to admit.

As the industry grew up, so did we, progressing on through each generation, experiencing new type of games, concepts, controls, and visions. In the year 2009, we decided to put our knowledge and passion to use and created PixlBit.

We played, talked about, reviewed, and previewed more games than we ever had before. It was an incredible experience that took us to E3 and gave us incredible insight into the industry we had already known and loved for many years.

For years, we considered jumping in as creators, but never managed to build the courage to do so until now. In the summer of 2014 we applied for the Wii U Developer program and were accepted and given the opportunity to build and release our first game on Nintendo's latest platform.

We're honored to finally contribute to the hobby that has given us so much and for the opportunity to create something that we hope people will truly appreciate and love.


As stated in big huge lettering on the home page, we're your average married couple living in upstate NY... who design and create games together. We also have a couple of handsome boys, Nicholas (4) and Michael (2), who are the most important part of our life.

Nick is currently employed as an Application Architect and helps bring enterprise-grade business applications to life. He's always working on or tinkering with something and can't ever manage to not have some sort of side project going on at all times. He also plays guitar (poorly) and enjoys running and basketball, weather permitting.

Nick asked Chessa to write something, but she ignored him and kept playing Fantasy Life on her 3DS.

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