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SSB Switch Character Wishlist

On 06/12/2018 at 12:20 AM by Captain N

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Smash Character Wishlist

Smash Switch

One of the things I absolutely love about Smash Bros. is the character speculations. It's just always a treat to see who everyone wants to see in the game and the reactions to which characters will make it into the final roster. It's the equivilent of school playground rumors, except on a larger scale.

I am really hyped for the game, in fact it is one of my most anticipated games this year. The funny thing is that we barely know anything about it other than a teaser we got earlier this year. That and in a few days we will finally know how the game actually looks like and the new characters we'll be playing as. One thing that absolutely blows my mind is that it's releasing this year and we still know next to nothing. I remember for Smash 4 we got news regularly, and while that was cool maybe that ruined any elements of surprise the game might of had. I'm thinking that's why they haven't shown much about this new one.

But you are obviously reading this to see what characters I'd love to see, so here is my Smash Switch character wishlist...

Returning Characters:


Wolf: One of the most requested characters to make a return is Star Wolf's leader Wolf O'Donnell. I always loved him as a character in the Star Fox games. In the game it implies he knew Fox's father, James McCloud but they have never elaborated on that. Yet he still has a rivalry with Star Fox and Fox himself. He has fought against Fox on multiple ocassions but has actually come to aid Fox quite a few times. Regardless, I'd love to see him back. He was a much more slower version of Fox, sure but he was stronger. I can see him having the same moveset as Brawl but hope they tweak his moveset a bit to make him stand out from Fox and Falco. Or may be not since He can't let you do that.

Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers: I think the Ice Climbers are the most requested characters to make a return in the game. It was quite baffling that they were left out of Smash 4 but the reason was that Sakurai wanted to have the character roster consistent between both versions. You see they could never get them to work or run well on the 3DS version. The 3DS version held the Wii U version back in some aspects. But there is no excuse now that this new one is coming to the Switch.

Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer: Pokemon Trainer was one of my favorite characters to play as in Brawl. I found him really fun because he could switch between any of the 3 Pokemon he has during a fight. Meaning you had access to 3 characters at once which was really cool. Each Pokemon had their own moveset too. If they can add Pokemon Trainer then that means Charizard can be a Pokemon Pokemon Trainer can use and it could free up a slot in the roster. Or who knows, maybe we'll get a different Pokemon Trainer or different Pokemon instead.


Snake: One of the characters I was hoping wouldn't get cut from the final roster on Smash 4 was Snake. Unfortunately he didn't make it back. Konami has a habit of making really bad decisions and they have for a while now as well, that could be why Snake got cut or could be that Sakurai didn't want him back. I just really want a Snake amiibo. But this could be a good opportunity for him to make it back since there is a rumor that he might be back for the new game. I hope so since he definitely kept us waiting.


Rosalina and Shulk: I don't care who they cut out of the original roster so as long as it isn't these 2. They are my mains afterall.



Ridley: I just want to get this one out of the way first. People have been wanting Ridley in Smash since forever. He has made an appearance in most if not all Smash games in some form. That and I really don't know which other character I'd love from the Metroid series that won't be a clone of Samus. Sakurai's excuse if that Ridley is too big, which is bull because Bowser is supposed to be way bigger than Mario in the Mario games, yet here he is. He's barely just taller than Mario. 


Waluigi: Another really requested character to be playable in Smash. He has appeared in Brawl and in Smash 4 in the form of an assist trophy. Waluigi is just a really weird character that has no reason to exist, yet he has a huge following. Consider him the Big the Cat or Tingle of the Mario games. For his moveset, I guess it could be from the various sports he's played? I really don't know but using that gun would be funny.


ARMS Fighters: I think any of the characters from ARMS, mostly Springman, have a chance of making it into the game. But why not take it a step further and allow you to choose any of the fighters like you could with Bowser Jr.? I think that would be a good way to add your favorite without cheaping out on the roster.

Black Shadow

Black Shadow: Many of you don't know who Black Shadow is but he is what you might call the "main" bad guy from the F-Zero games. People want another F-Zero character in Smash and everyone wants Blood Falcon, which is a clone of Captain Falcon, Think about that for a bit. In a game where clone characters are abundant, Blood Falcon could become the posterboy of all clone characters in Smash. No I don't want that, besides Ganondorf is already a clone of Captain Falcon, just worse. I can say that Black Shadow could definitely be a better choice. Though his Final Smash might be the same as Falcon's.


Phosphora: She's the Commander of Nature of Viridi's forces in Kid Icarus Uprising. She can manipulate electricity, she is really fast, and she can teleport as well. I think she could be cool too have as a playable character. Outside of Pikachu, there aren't many electric based characters. I think she could be a speedy character and she could be really fun to use as well. I think she's definitely a better character to have than Pittoo.

Saki Amamiya

Saki Amamiya: Protagonist of Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth and he has also made appearances in Brawl and SSB4 as an assist trophy. He looks like he can be a really fun character to use with his Cannon Sword. He can be either a long-range character or a melee character thanks to the flexibility of his Cannon Sword. I'm definitely optimistic about his chances in Smash Switch. 

King K. Rool

King K. Rool: I honestly don't understand why King K. Rool hasn't been a playable character in Smash before. Some could agrue that he'll be just like Bowser. But he can be different than Bowser by giving K. Rool a moveset inspired by his apprearances in the DKC games. Plus size shouldn't be an issue as well (see above with Ridley) since he will most likely be the same size as Bowser and he could be the same size as well. Imagine seeing King Koopa himself either teaming up or fighting K. Rool himself, that would be so freaking cool. Rare is going to get a lot of love in this post. Speaking of Rare...


Krystal: I've been wanting Krystal in Smash for a very long time. She can be different than Fox if they base her moveset around her staff from Star Fox Adventures. I remember that Rare apparently had the rights to her staff? That's weird. Idk but it seems like Microsoft has been pretty open with Nintendo to collaborate on things so hope that it's possible. She can be really fun to use anshe would be different than everyone from the Star Fox team because let's face it, if they add Slippy he would just be a worser clone of Fox.


Takamaru: The protagonist of the Japanese-only The Mysterious Murasame Castle. Nintendo always adds one classic character into Smash. Kinda like Mr. Game and Watch, the Ice Climbers, R.O.B., and Duck Hunt. It would make sense if we saw another. Takamaru was also an assist trophy in Smash 4 and some former assist trophy characters went on to become playable fighters. Will we see Takamaur as a playable character? Maybe not but who knows?


Bomberman: A lot of people have been wanting Bomberman in the game and I have to say, so do I. I have played my fair share of the Bomberman games and one of my favorites was one on the N64. It was really fun. Unfortunately Konami owns the IP now so who knows what might happen.


Elma: One of the main characters from Xenoblabe Chronicles X. She is always level headed and uses logic for her actions rather than emotions. But shows concern for those she must protect. She's a really cool character and assuming Shulk is dropped from the roster, she could be a good replacement. Her final Smash can be her Skell, which are trasnforming mechs in the game.

Rex and Pyra

Rex and Pyra: 2 of the main characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I really can't explain about them too much without giving away some of the plot. But for now in Smash, they can work like the Ice Climbers basically. And maybe allow you to switch from Pyra to Mythra. I think they could be great characters to have should they drop Shulk.


Tharja: A character from the Fire Emblem series. I know, there's too many FE characters in Smash. They would have to drop one of them in order to add her and I think Corrin will have to go. I just really like Tharja okay?

Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents: Since there will most likely won't be a 3DS port this time, anything goes. Which is why I want the Elite Beat Agents as playable characters. Wouldn't it be so fun and so cool to play as them? Naturally there can be a palette swap to swap between the other agents like you could do with Bowser Jr.

Travis Touchdown

Travis: Our favorite assassin from No More Heroes. I think it's about time we see him in Smash. Suda51 wants him in Smash and it could be a great way to introduce new players to the world of NMH's. You might say that he's from a rated M game but that is no excuse considering Snake and Bayonetta are from rated M games. I don't know which one they will go with, like single beam katana or dual blades. Whichever one works.


Shantae: There was a petition to have Shantae for Smash 4 but she never made the cut. Maybe she can make the cut this time? I think why they never added her is because of her transformations. There is no excuse on the Switch now.

Midna and Wolf Link

Midna: If there is a Zelda character I want in Smash then it's Midna. I think she could be a really cool addition to the roster. She is an assist trophy in the game so I don't know if that could mean anything. I don't know if I would want her riding on top of Wolf Link but no matter what, I just want to play as her.


Banjo: I highly doubt this one will happen but if there is one character I would love in Smash, it's Banjo. I love the first 2 Banjo games and this month is the 20th anniversary of the first Banjo game. Will we see him in Smash? I don't know but Microsoft said they would allow him in Smash if Nintendo wants. Please Nintendo, say yes.

Captain N

Captain N: This is one that's never going to happen. I highly doubt Nintendo would even allow this one but I can dream, right? Captain N is everything that Nintendo stands for basically. It might be pretty meta having him in Smash. Regardless, I would definitely main him in the game.

And those are all my Smash Switch Character Wishlist. Who would you love to see? Last E3 post should be up before Nintendo's E3 Direct. Thanks for reading and later.




Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/12/2018 at 12:59 PM

Looks like you got Ridley!! Ha ha. 

Cary Woodham

06/15/2018 at 02:54 PM

I'm pretty happy with what we got in Ultimate.  I sitll got my Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Kirby, so I'm happy.

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