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About Me:

My name is Catherine (or just simply Cat) and I am from near Chicago, Illinois. I've been playing video games since I was old enough to covet my neighbor's NES (people were much more interesting once they got one for Christmas, weren't they?). I am the Program Coordinator/QIDP of a nonprofit organization that provides homes for developmentally disabled adults. In my spare time I love to write about my passions, including video games, soccer (Arsenal or bust), and BBC dramas. My husband is an artist; you may have met us before if you've ever been to the Artist Alley at Anime Central!

Favorite Games:

Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, IX, X, any Legend of Zelda game, Metroid Prime Series, Assassins' Creed Black Flag, Assassins' Creed Rouge, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario 3, the Uncharted Series, Donkey Kong 64, FIFA, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and probably about a thousand more! I am terrible at first person shooters, but I try. I really, really try. You do not want me on your clan. I got a ghillie suit in COD: Ghosts because I am a coward.

Favorite Music:

Muse is my favorite non-video game music. I was lucky enough to meet the great Nobou Uematsu and have his signature tattooed on my arm.

Latest Posts

Backloggers Anonymous Super Castlevania 4

The Backloggers return for more Castlevania.

Backloggers Anonymous returns for a special Halloween episode featuring Super Castlevania IV. Join us as Casey and Catherine create a theory tying everything to wall meat, while Blake explains his beef with this game. 

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Backloggers Anonymous Castlevania

After almost a year long hiatus Backloggers Anonymous returns with a game to get you back into the Halloween spirit: Castlevania. Casey, Catherine, and Blake all tried to finish off Dracula before they got 25 Game Overs. Did they succeed? Did they fail? Check in to find out then try the challenge yourself! Then give Super Castlevania 4 a try for when the three of them return next time!

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N++ Review

Stick figure parkour.

One of my favorite things about being a gamer is that most games expect me to assume an identity outside of myself; someone or something that is capable of amazing and impossible feats, powers or talents that are beyond anything I will ever grasp in my actual life. N++, the platformer sequel to the popular N and N+ games, bestows a unique new persona upon us: you are a ninja with an accelerated metabolism. You are able to use momentum to run, jump, climb, collect and pass through a series of five levels like a boss. What’s the catch? Your lifespan is only 90 seconds.

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