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About Me:

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I enjoy games obviously but I enjoy the culture of gaming the most. Reading peoples musing over this great hobby of ours is the best. I enjoy the view of all different people. From the PC's "master race" to the lowly handhelders. I enjoy the views of the Retro gamer and that of the up to the minute release junkie. Or even the one game/genre crew have great insight into this wonderful pass time.
Other things I'm into is comedy in all its forms. From the dark, vulgar, inappropriate stand up comic to the crystal clean network shows. In my opinion nothing a comic says is or can be judged as being wrong. As long as they get a laugh.
Oh I forgot to mention I'm an ex 1upper. I just took a bit longer to get here.

Favorite Games:

Monster Hunter Series
Metroid series
Zelda series
Halo series
Metal Gear Solid series
Mike Tyson's Punchout
Burnout series

Favorite Music:

I can enjoy all kinds of music and I do mean ALL kinds. From country to electronica"s many sub categories like House, Drum n Bass, Techno, BreakBeat etc. Also since I understand Spanish I am able to enjoy a plethora of other genres of music.