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The Day After

On 06/14/2019 at 08:46 PM by Super Step

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For those keeping count, I swore off alcohol for eternity this morning and am currently open to a drink or two now again if the mood strikes. I'm a big believer in how someone feels physically affecting their decisions and mental state and vice versa, so I'd say I'm being consistent with my beliefs. 

In all seriousness, I am going to cut back on the drinking. Not an alcoholic by any means, but I do want to get in shape and alcohol has been a huge block to doing that, along with breaking my toe in April. Now that I have the boot off my left foot, I can focus on getting back to running, probably in July. 

Also, now that I know I'll have a job in and will be staying in Nacogdoches, I can swallow the startup fee for Planet Fitness. Honestly, I always could have, just didn't want to eat the $40 if I was only gonna be here a month. Once you get past that it's $10 a month and totally worth it, and I'll maybe sign up for the on-campus rec center as well, since they have more than two barbells. Weight lifting and diet are what actually helps get me in shape, whereas running is honestly just something I do for a mental boost and to challenge myself, so I definitely want to get back to doing both with all my bones intact ASAP. 

Not sure yet if I'll make the ads for work tonight or wake up super early tomorrow to do it. 

Anyone else plan to watch Jessica Jones Season 3? I realize it's landing with a bit of a thud, since all the other Netflix-Marvel shows have been cancelled for a year or so now, but I'm still a big enough fan of Season 1 (didn't hate season 2, but definitley not as good) to see where this goes and I've watched all the other Netflix Marvel shows, so now I feel obligated. 

How's your summer so far (and I realize most professions don't get summers off, so I'm more or less just asking about how the free time you do have has been). 






06/14/2019 at 09:53 PM

My current job has a 7 days on, 7 days off schedule. I have a membership at Planet Fitness in Phoenix myself, but I have been slacking off on going and I really need to lose weight. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

06/14/2019 at 10:07 PM

Yeah, I hate that I can't just do what I did when I was 22 (eat fewer than 2,000 calories and walk 3.0 miles every day, with some weight lifting) and just melt pounds off. I still think that is a good starting point for me, but I was running a 7:30 pace and doing 10Ks in April, and now I'm at least 10 pounds heavier and have no idea when it's safe to start running again. 

As long as I get some weights in, I should be fine though. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/15/2019 at 01:21 PM

I'm glad you got your job back. Sometimes things have a way of working out if you give it time. 

You can get back to your exercising and your video reviews once you get your routine back. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

06/15/2019 at 01:24 PM

Yup. Having said all this, I am very impatiently awaiting that contract in the mail. 


06/15/2019 at 08:15 PM

Good thing, getting back to work. I'm still on pt work and rather depressed about it. I'm working on it though. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

06/15/2019 at 09:40 PM

Hang in there, man. And if you can find a group of friends with a common interests, good things can happen. Thanks to the run club I joined last January, I could have been going to Austin, TX if this hadn't worked out. Hell, I'd wager it's still a safety measure if that contract gets lost in the mail. 


06/15/2019 at 09:49 PM

I've been thinking about clubs and such. Part of my networking plan, but also as a kind of support group. 

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