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April Review Showers!

On 04/24/2024 at 08:28 AM by Cary Woodham

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It’s raining game reviews I’ve recently written over at!  Please click on the links and read as many as you can, and maybe post a ‘like’ or comment or two.  I’d appreciate it.  OK let’s begin!

Cricket Through the Ages (Switch)

There’s a really popular kids’ show that I like called Bluey.  The show is made in Australia and is set there, and in one of the newer episodes, the characters play a game of Cricket.  It’s a really good episode, but a lot of it went over my head because living in the US myself, Cricket just isn’t as popular of a sport.  We’re all about our football over here, and not the soccer kind.  So when I had the opportunity to review Cricket Through the Ages on Switch, I thought it might give me a good chance to learn more about the sport, especially since the game looked pretty whimsical, too.  And it certainly is, but did I really learn anything about Cricket from this game?  Well you’ll have to read on to find out!

“The Video Game Chef” Cookbook

For Christmas last year I got a video game themed cookbook. It’s hardcover and pretty nice and has some interesting recipes in it, so I thought I’d go over a few of them here.  I won’t go over ALL the recipes in the book, just some notes I jotted down on the ones I found more interesting.

Reader Review: Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron (Switch)

Most of my younger brothers LOVE Warhammer.  It’s an RPG board game where you play with these intricate figures that you can even paint yourself.  I’ve never gotten into it myself, just too complicated (and expensive) for me.  But then, anything more complicated than Hungry, Hungry Hippos and my eyes glaze over!  Ha ha!  Anyway, one of my brothers, Jeff, loves Warhammer so much that he works at a store that specifically sells that stuff!  Another one of my brothers, Ben, has a huge collection of figures that he paints (very well I might add).  So I thought it would be fun to have Ben review this Warhammer game. 

Pepper Grinder (Switch)

Pepper is an adventurous girl who gets shipwrecked, and pirates steal her treasure!  Luckily she finds a drill that she can use to bypass obstacles and defeat enemies.  Anyone remember a Game Boy Advance game called Drill Dozer?  It was made by GameFreak, who also made a game series you might know of called Pokémon.  Anyway, Pepper Grinder kind of reminds me of that game mixed with some Dig Dug style fast action.  It’s also a 2D platformer for Switch and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

Match Village (PS4)

Place houses, fields, and other structures on a hexagonal strategy board game-like grid to create your own little town in Match Village.  When you set three or more of the same structure together, they’ll match up and upgrade to a better building so you can get more points.  This chill and laid back puzzler is available on all current consoles and PC, but reviewed on PS4 here.

Crypt Stalker (Switch)

When I was a kid during the NES heyday, Castlevania was huge!  Most of my friends either had it or rented it a lot, same with the sequels.  Simon Belmont from Castlevania was even a character in the Captain N cartoon (albeit a bit silly).  I was never a big fan of Castlevania myself.  I wasn’t really into the horror themes and Simon Belmont controlled like he ate a big breakfast before deciding to kill Dracula.  But I did get the Castlevania Collection a few years ago (mainly for Kid Dracula).  So here comes a retro styled game that was definitely inspired by the Castlevania series.  Crypt Stalker has you playing as a female undead slayer, who beats up baddies with her whip and gun.  While Castlevania games had a more Victorian horror theme, Crypt Stalker is more Egyptian, with levels set in the desert and pyramids, and enemies like mummies, Anubis monsters, and hopping bugs. 

Master Maker 3D Ultimate (PS4)

Make your own 3D platforming levels with Master Maker 3D Ultimate. 

Orion Haste (PS4)

In the future, evil aliens have taken over a space base and it’s up to you to stop them.  Orion Haste is a 16-bit style 2-D run and gun that plays similar to Contra.

And that’s all for now!  Thanks for reading my reviews and posting ‘likes’ and comments on them!  I do appreciate it.  Later!  --Cary




04/25/2024 at 10:49 AM

My friend (Mark Michel) did a video game themed cookbook a few years ago and published it. I like that one you reviewed though. Yoshi's cookies. I want to make those. 

I've just started learning about the Warhammer universe from a friend at work. I'm thinking about getting just one figure and painting it in honor of the fun I had in Warhammer Boltgun. 

Match Village looks really interesting. I'll have to look it up on Xbox later today. 

Cary Woodham

04/28/2024 at 08:30 AM

That's cool you have a friend who published a book. Can you buy it online?

Yeah ever since that game came out, I've always wanted to eat "For Real Life" Yoshi Cookies.  But they look like they'd be hard to make.  I just want to eat them, not make them.

And I also wish Nintendo would remake Yoshi's Cookie like how they have a million times over with Dr. Mario.  Yoshi's Cookie is actually a pretty fun little puzzle game, too.

Because of my poor vision and motor skills, I don't think I could paint a Warhammer figure.  At least not very well.  it's also why I don't do LEGOs.  Plus both Warhammer and LEGO are expensive.

I think you would like Match Village.  Just don't expect a lot out of it.  Heck, even the game tells you that!


05/03/2024 at 10:45 AM

That link up in my post is to the Amazon page for the book. My friend told me it was out of stock but I don't see that on the page. I got my library to carry it. I suppose if you tried to do interlibrary loan, you could get it that way. One time, I borrowed a book that way and noticed it had come from a library in Texas. So it should work the other way around too.

I've always wanted to play Yoshi's Cookie. 

Cary Woodham

05/08/2024 at 08:15 AM

I don't think I've been to a library since college.


05/10/2024 at 01:14 PM

I'm always going to libraries, even when I'm not working at one. 

Cary Woodham

05/12/2024 at 08:04 AM

I'm just not much of a reader anymore.  Although I did just buy a book I should try and read sometime.  I recently went on a little vacation and visited a haunted house.  The owner of the house is a writer and I bought one of his books and had him sign it.  It's a book on ghosts in Jefferson, TX.


05/15/2024 at 09:16 AM

I'm like reading all the time in between work and gaming: I got breakfast books, before work books, dinner books, audio for driving books, and recipe books. My mother and her friend sometimes ask me what I'm reading and I have to think for a moment because I'm reading like three or four at once all the time. Haha. 

Cary Woodham

05/18/2024 at 08:24 AM

I can only read one book at a time.  If I did more, I'd get which plots and characters mixed up!


05/18/2024 at 12:19 PM

I seem to be okay in the moment but if recalling something I read years ago, I'll have to check my facts so that I'm not remembering the wrong book. haha. 

Cary Woodham

05/19/2024 at 08:02 AM

I probably wouldn't remember a thing from a book I read a few years ago.

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