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Fix-It Felix Break

On 04/25/2024 at 11:06 AM by KnightDriver

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I'm waiting for my car's oil change as I write this in the middle of my usual days off. It's killing half my gaming day, darn it, but it can't be helped. Here's what I've played so far this week. 

Final Fantasy Adventure: Thanks to Cary I now know the difference between FF Adventure and Legend. Why two other game series are named after another unrelated series seems just crazy and possibly commercially immoral to me. Well, Adventure is the action RPG one. I like Legend and its SaGa series better. 

ActRaiser Renaissance: I wanted to play ActRaiser on SNES again. I think I last played it on Wii after I downloaded it, but I don't have my Wii hooked up at the moment, so I thought I'd try the remake. It was half off on PS4, $15. I quickly got hooked on it, especially the God game parts. I'm playing it as a warm up to my main game, Diablo IV. I love, by the way, bouncing from system to system like I've done this week: Switch, PS4, Xbox Series S. 

Lil Gator Game: I've been trying to clear the achievements in this. I noticed you can reveal secret achievements on Xbox. I've also been using the Trueachievements app on Xbox to look up quick guides. I'm still stuck without a map, though, and finding every last friend and breakable object is going to be a chore that might make me finally quit this. 

Diablo IV: Just hit level 70 but couldn't beat the capstone dungeon to open World Tier IV yet. When a foe one-hit kills me, I know I'm overmatched and have to do some more leveling. Luckily there is plenty else to do. I love doing the side missions and finding out more about the world. I'm also feeding the Weeping Tree trying to get more Chaos rewards for a related achievement. 

So far so good. Maybe another half day to go in this mid-week weekend of mine. 



Cary Woodham

04/28/2024 at 08:24 AM

The only problem I had with ActRaiser Renaissance was the tower defense stuff they added to the map mode.  I hate tower defense.  Here it just pads out the game.  Otherwise it's great.


05/03/2024 at 10:40 AM

I love tower defense, so I was thrilled with that and stayed in map mode fighting waves of badies. I think it was map mode anyway. That's where you have a bird's eye view of the region where you build and protect the villages? 

Cary Woodham

05/08/2024 at 08:14 AM

Yes that would be 'map mode' or 'simulation mode' or 'angel mode' or whatever you want to call it.


05/10/2024 at 01:13 PM

I just stayed there, wondering at one point, am I supposed to do something else too? 

Cary Woodham

05/12/2024 at 07:56 AM

After you do a certain number of things they should prompt you to go to another action side scrolling stage.

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