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Forgotten Gaming Mascots #21: Captain Blasto

On 02/24/2021 at 08:17 AM by The Last Ninja

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Game: Blasto (PS1/1998)

Mascot for: Sony of America 

Voiced by the late Phil Hartman, Captain Blasto (who looks kinda like Batman with hair) is a space hero who must stop the alien tyrant Bosc from conquering the planet Uranus as well as save some Space Babes along the way. The game is a third-person-shooter 3D platformer (so at least it's different from most 3D platformers of the time). Blasting aliens is always fun. The game has some puzzle elements, but it's mostly just "find the switch to proceed" scenarios. Shooting is Blasto's only means of attack, but you will find various guns as you progress. The game also uses both control sticks--the left stick is for movement while the right stick allows the player to have more precision aiming if desired. 

pic 1

What happened: It seems that the development team got hung up on a couple sticking points. First, they didn't want the game to have loading times (which would be great), but in order to that, they had to sacrifice redbook audio in favor of MIDI format, so the music sounds quite flat. Second, instead of texture mapping, they wanted vertex lighting so as to give better color and deinition to the floors. This was very time-consuming, so Sony allowed the team to take artists from other Sony teams to finish. So if anything, the floors look great! The actual game...not so great. Receiving mostly mixed reviews upon release, Blasto was mostly disliked because it was too hard for most players. And that's the last we've seen of the good captain. 



Casey Curran Staff Writer

02/24/2021 at 03:56 PM

Shame a game with Phil Hartman (RIP) turned out bad. But at least Ratchet and Clank is keeping both the gameplay idea and character idea (Qwark) alive so no huge loss here

The Last Ninja

02/25/2021 at 12:34 AM

Never thought of that, but yeah, I guess Ratchet & Clank would be the spiritual successor to this 


02/24/2021 at 08:20 PM

I played this way back but didn't get very far in it 'cause of lousy controls if I remember right. I do have a soft spot for this game though because of Phil Hartman voicing Blasto. 

The Last Ninja

02/25/2021 at 12:35 AM

I think Hartman is the best part of the game. The gameplay is quite clunky and the level design is meh


02/25/2021 at 09:40 PM

Yeah, great voice. I never thought about Quark in Ratchet & Clank being like Blasto but now I can't unthink it. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

02/25/2021 at 01:32 AM

I remember so many ads for this ...

Cary Woodham

02/25/2021 at 07:07 AM

I played a demo of this on a demo disc and didn't like it, so I skipped out on it.  I think the only good thing this game had going for it was Phil Hartman R.I.P.  

Qwark really is a funny, likeable character, though.


02/25/2021 at 04:34 PM

I remember Sony had a rapid-fire barrage of potential mascot games going in 1998. Tomba, Blasto, and Jersey Devil. Spyro came out in the fall of 1998. I was too busy with FF7, RE2, and Tekken 3 at the time but i do remember them somewhat.

The Last Ninja

02/26/2021 at 12:26 AM

I remember Tomba (which is a pretty good game, I think) but I missed the others at the time. It's clear that Sony wanted some new mascot games 

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