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Today is Star Fox's 30th Anniversary!

On 03/26/2023 at 09:54 AM by The Last Ninja

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On March 26, 1993, a little SNES game was released called Star Fox (this is the release date for the West). What a game! This was the first game to have REAL 3D polygons in a home console game. It was also the start of a wonderful new franchise for Nintendo. 

I wanted to mention this because I'm SURE Nintendo won't do anything for Star Fox's 30th. So let me ask, what are your Star Fox memories? For me, I remember playing Star Fox 64 as a kid, and that game blew my mind. Of course, SF64 is easily the best game in the whole series. 

Also, do you think that Nintendo will bring this series back? Or is it gone forever? Comment below! Let's show some love to Star Fox! 

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Cary Woodham

03/26/2023 at 09:47 PM

When Star Fox first came out, my friend told me he saw it on display and said I had to get it.  Well I trusted him and got it and it was pretty amazing looking for the time.  

I got Star Fox 64 because my college roommate's girlfriend wanted to play it so she bought it to play on my N64, but then she never wanted it back so I got it by default.  Having all those voices was pretty groundbreaking back then.

Star Fox Assault was made by Namco and was an interesting take.  I'm glad that Star Fox 2 made it on the SNES Mini.  And I don't think Star Fox Adventures is THAT bad.  But Star Fox as a whole isn't one of my favorite Nintendo series.

I don't think we'll see another Star Fox for a while.  The last one they did, Star Fox Zero, was one of the worst Nintendo games ever made, I thought.  

The Last Ninja

03/27/2023 at 10:56 AM

I actually liked Star Fox Zero, although I understand why people don't like it (the controls can be very difficult to get used to). What I didn't like was that the story was basically the same as Star Fox and Star Fox 64. The series as a whole has not been good, so the future seems to be shaky. However, I'm hopeful that Nintendo will eventually give us another game, but when is the big question. 


03/27/2023 at 02:36 PM

I played it around the time it came out. Not many games could do 3D enovironments at the time, so it seemed really cool. I don't think I ever finished it though. Not sure what level things got tough for me. I'll have to revisit it sometime to find out. "Do a barrel roll" is still a phrase I use from time to time. 

I remember playing Star Fox Adventures on Gamecube later. I really wanted to like that game, but I forget why I stopped playing it. That's another one I'd like to try again. 

The Last Ninja

03/27/2023 at 04:52 PM

The original is not bad, but you should really try Star Fox 64, which is easily the best game in the series. It's on NSO if you have the expansion pass. 


03/31/2023 at 09:43 AM

I'm sure I tried Star Fox 64. It's been a while though. I may just get the expansion pass to NSO. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

03/31/2023 at 02:10 PM
Star Fox 64 is one of my favorite games of all time. Star Fox on SNES was a great showpiece you could rent in hotels back in the day but its graphics don't hold up now.

The Last Ninja

04/04/2023 at 11:51 AM

Yeah, SF looks very primitive now. It was clearly a "game of its time" 

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