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My Nintendo E3 Wishes and Predictions

On 06/08/2013 at 09:57 PM by Captain N

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It's that time of the year again...

E3 is just 2 days away from now, or it's here or just passed depending on when you read this. I used to watch E3 every year just for Nintendo's Press Conference, and while Ninty is not hosting a big presentation, I'll still get up for their Nintendo Direct thing. Each year since I started blogging (since 2010) I make a blog based on what I think will be on their press and hope for some games I want to be real. Sure predictions and wishes are a huge gamble but it's alot of fun coming up with predictions or far-off dream games.

I think all eyes will be on Ninty, why? Well the Wii U was the first "next gen" console out of the gate and it has been struggling in sales lately. This will pretty much be Nintendo's big and maybe only chance to convince people on why they would want a Wii U. And it will be hard since the PS4 and the X1 will no doubt be on their respective press conferences.

I have a Wii U, Nintendo didn't need to convince me since they still make games I have fun playing. Though I'll admit there really isn't much to play on the thing, so it's a bit hard recommending it to people. Well, enough rambling, here are my Nintendo E3 predictions and wishes:


3DS: Unlike the Wii U, the 3DS has been on fire lately, we've been seeing hit after hit and the library will just get bigger from here. I've had one since launch and while my 3DS has a broken Circle Pad (it's missing the nub on the top and doesn't work well) it get's used everyday. So no doubt we'll see some more awesome 3DS games.

What I think we'll see:


A Link to the Past 2: I think it's a give we'll most likely see more of the first original entry of a Zelda game for the 3DS. We'll probably see more info on it, like if it's not just ALttP+ because that was actually done on the GBA rerelease of ALttP. But I wouldn't mind if it was the same map with extra areas. I mean Gamefreak can get away with it in the Pokemon games, why not Ninty? We'll also see what the game is going to be called and a release date, which might be on either November or December.

Pokemon X&Y

Pokemon X & Y: Well that's the sole purpose on why I bought my 3DS in the first place, and why I always buy Nintendo handhelds. This is the game I'm anticipating the most this year on the 3DS, possibly the one I want the most out of all the games I'm going to get. I mean sure, alot are saying that Game Freak should of done this to the series a long time ago, but the problem was the hardware they had to work with. You might say that Nintendo consoles should of provided enough power to make games like these, but the thing is, Pokemon has always been a social type game and encourages you to take it everywhere, having a main entry on a console would just eliminate the point. (Plus Game Freak and Nintendo wont be able to make 2 versions)

This is the first time I am hearing about having Pokemn on E3, it's usually just spin-offs that are announced. Hopefully we'll hear some more news, a release date other than the cryptic October 2013 release onth, and if we'll be able to transfer all our pokemon from our DS Pokemon games. And I'm calling it now, the release date will most likely be on either the 6,13, 20, or 27th of Cotober, seeing how they release Pokmeon games on a sunday.


Super Smash Bros. 3DS: It's been teased that we'll see this game and it's Wii U counterpart on next weeks Nintendo Direct, and you can bet I'm excited for that. SSB is my favorite fighting game ever, and there are alot of things I'd want to see on the first handheld installment of the series. Like exclusive characters only found in the 3DS version, exclusive content, DLC characters, online play, more third-party characters and more. Also, no tripping. 

What I wish to see:

Kirby Mass Attack

Kirby 3DS: This one is actually something my brother wants to see since he's a huge Kirby fan. Rumor has it that Retro Studios is making a 3DS Kirby games, and that is a rumor I find hard to believe. I mean Kirby has always been associated as a game anyone can pick up and play, with enough challenge for an experienced player. Retro, knowing their games, would just make the game harder, but we'll see what they can do, provided they are making it.

What my brother wants is a Kirby game with the sprites updated, kinda like maybe a Rayman Origins type thing. It could either be a 2D one or a 3D game, but I don't see how the 3D one will work providing that Kirby can fly as much as he wants. Maybe they come up with a reason that he can't fly, like in Epic Yarn where he could use his trademark copy ability. No matter what it is, it will be good because Kirby is one of the only few series from Nintendo that takes risks and reaps rewards.

Metroid Dread

3DS Metroid Game: We all heard of the Metroid Dread game but nothing ever came out of it. Well rumormill has it that Retro is working on a Metroid game for the 3DS. Could Dread be that game? No matter what it is, it's about time we got a new Metroid game and it's been a while since we did, outside of some 3DS Virtual Console games and the Nintendo Land Metroid attraction.

F-Zero 3ds

F-Zero 3DS: F-Zero (next to Mario Kart) is my favorite racer ever. It's hard to explain why I like it, maybe I like going at 1,000 MPH, maybe I like zooming past the competition, or maybe I just like winning. It's been almost a decade since we got a handheld title, and it's been 10 years since the last console installment, if there is one series that I want Nintendo to bring back, it's F-Zero. Miyamoto says he doesn't know what to do in a new game that hasn't been done. Well obviously make it in 3D, that would be sick. And give it some online options, I mean that's even more obvious. I wouldn't mind if they rereleased GX, I mean they rereleased Starfox 64 on the 3DS and I bought it, so why not?

                                            Qustion Mark Block

New IP: People have been clamoring for a new IP from Nintendo, the truth is that Nintendo has delivered some, you just have to know where to look. The eShop, it has alot of new games from Nintendo, so you are getting new IP's, just not int he way of retail releases. I mean it makes sense, they wont waste alot of money releasing it on retail, but at the same time they still make quality games. Though I really do want to see a new IP from the and see what they could do with it on the 3DS.

Wii U

Wii U: The Wii U hasn't been on fire, unlike the 3DS and it's kind of funny really. How? Well Nintendo isn't competing against Microsoft or Sony, but rather with themselves. I mean the 3DS is selling like crazy and the Wii U isn't. Let's just hope E3 turns that around because I feel that the Wii U has alot of potential, and alot that still hasn't been tapped yet.

What we'll see:

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3: This game has gotten so many delays, I think we've seen it in atleast 2-3 E3's by now plus it's been in development for far too long. I mean I just hope it's good considering how many delays it's had.


Windwaker HD: OMFG Winwaker in HD!!! Out of all the games I wished Nintendo would rerelease in HD, they chose the game I always wanted to see in HD. Windwaker was the very first Zelda game I ever played and is my most favorite Gamecube game. I've replayed it every year since I got it, and probably more times than any of you, and this year was supposed to be my yearly playthrough, but passed so I can play it once it arrives on the Wii U.

We'll most likely see the release date and price, and given with alot of HD Reamkes, I'm hoping it wil be around 30-40 bucks, but this is Nintendo so that wont be likely. I'm also hoping they add the content that was removed from the original game, that would be cool.


Monolith Soft's Project "X": We saw this teased at the same Nintendo Direct that had teased my reaction of the game above this one. I mean the game looked fantastic, but I was sold as soon as the character in the vid got on that transforming mech thing in real time. Go find a video of this on youtube and tell me it does not look amazing. It's being made by the people who brought us the game Xenoblade Chronicles, so you know it's going to be good.


Super Mario Wii U: We already know Nintendo is going to show off the new 3D Mario game and that is one release I'm excited for. The thing is we know nothing about it. Rumor has it that it will be like Super Mario 64 but will have elements from the Galaxy titles. Whatever it is, you know I'll be there at launch. And if there is one thing 3D Mario games do, is show you why you need to play it.

Mario and Sonic

Mario and Sonic Collab Game: I said before that Nintendo and Sega have partnered up to make exclusive Sonic games, one is a main Sonic title, the other is an Olympics game. The 3rd is a mustery, people are saying that it could be a racing crossover and that it's being made by Sumo Digital, the team behind the fantastic Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Or maybe it's Mario as aplayable character for Transformed, whatever it is, you can bet it will be there.



Super Smash Bros. U: Like it's 3DS counterpart, we'll be seeing this game on E3. Like I said, it's my favorite fighting game, so I'm interested to see what Sakurai and Namco are cooking up. I'll tell you know though, there is no way both of these games are releasing this year since the development started not that long ago. So what we'll be seeing is the build they have so far.  I'm hoping it will have different features and exclusive content fromt he 3DS version, like characters, and hopefully connectivity to transfer characters. Hopefully this also means some obscure/never used Nintnedo characters, like the Ice Climbers in Melee. I'm also planning on having 2 Smash Bros related blogs before E3 starts, well the important press conference (hint, it's the Nintendo one).



F-Zero GX

F-Zero Wii U: I know I know, this is the second time I've put F-Zero on this blog, but I just love the games too much. I have all of them, except a japanese GBA exclusive. F-Zero is the only game that has ever made my hands sweat while I'm playing, especially X and GX. To me, GX was my Demon/Dark Souls, seriously, that game is ridiculously hard on Master Class. The F-Zero games have always set the bar high when it came to games, F-Zero was the first game in Mode 7, F-Zero X was the first game to be on 60 frames per second and while GX didn't do anything like the previous entries, it was Nintendo and Segas first collab game, and that game still looks amazing. It looked awesome then, and it still does now.

If there is one game that will push the Wii U to it's limits, it's F-Zero, I'd love to see a new entry in HD. Have every single character that has appeared in the series so far with some new faces, all the tracks, a track editor, a machine and emblem creator, and a custom pilot creator. Give some online features, imagine racing 29 other players online with no lag, and maybe have Sega/Sumo Digital work on it and you got yourself an awesome game. But for the love of gaming, no motion controls.


Retro Studios New game: It's no doubt that Retro Studios is my favorite developer, I've liked all the games I've played from them. And they've been quiet for quite some time. I mean what are they working on? Alot of people say it could either be a Star Fox or a Metroid game, or it could be a new IP. While I want for it to be either a Star Fox or Metroid game, I hope it's a new IP. I mean Nintendo needs some new IP's, or it could be one of the games they cancelled when they started to work on the first Metroid Prime game. Whatever it may be, I hope they don't dissapoint, and I know I will be excited for whatever they are working on.



Pokemon Wii U/MMO: I'd always wanted to see a Pokemon game, an mmo like game well atleast on the Wii U. I know it will never happen but we atleast have Pokemon X&Y and I'm atleast thankful we are getting that.


Miyamoto's New IP: Word has it that Miyamoto (aka God) is working on a new IP. Yes you heard right. The thing is, we don't know what kind of game it is. I mean it could be something incredible, or something simple yet fun and innovative. We don't know what it could be, but it will be nice to play a brand new game from the man who gave us Mario.

Wii U Price Cut and Ambassador Games: Remember when 3DS had a price cut and early adopters were bitching about it till Nintendo annouced free games for them? Well while I know that may not be the case, it may seem plausible that Nintendo might cut the price but give free games to early adopters. I mean, if all the stuff Nintendo announces doesn't convince people to buy the thing, then I can see them doing something like this.


Mario and Sonic

Mario and Sonic Platformer Crossover: I know I've said this before but I really want this to happen. I'd love to see a Mario and Sonic platforming game that you can go to each other's respective worlds and vice versa. This is a game I have always wanted to happen, I mean that dream is almost possible now that Nintendo has a partnership with Sega to make exclusive Sonci games. If this happened, I'm pretty sure it would be the biggest game of the gen and the internets might blow up. This is a pipe dream for now, but we'll see.


Well that's all for now, this blog was way too long, and while I could of made it into 2, why bother reading seperate blogs when you can have both in 1? Anything you want Nintendo to announce? What are your Nintendo E3 Predictions and Wishes, or any that aren't fromt hem? Thanks for reading and later.



Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/08/2013 at 10:10 PM

good blog.  I'm excited about these too, especially WW and Mario Wii U.  I love Mario, dammit! Tongue Out

Super Step Contributing Writer

06/08/2013 at 10:33 PM

Oh man, I would love a portable F-Zero! Might even buy a 3DS for one. I'd love a new Retro IP too ... I actually had not heard of Metroid Dread until now.

I think Nintendo might be focusing on telling people the Wii U is not simply an add-on to the Wii. Their ads have been doing so lately anyway.

I can't find it on Youtube, but I know I saw an ad before that had a bunch of kids saying "it's amazing! Definitely not just an add-on for Wii!" Pretty sure that's an acknowledgment parents are thinking that's all the expensive box is.


06/08/2013 at 10:46 PM

great blog man between you and Nicole yall are going to make me buy a damn 3DS and its all yalls fault lol!!!! oh and your kirby pic didnt show just letting ya know.


06/08/2013 at 11:19 PM

Damn, everything i thought of and more. Well done.

I'm really suprised that Nintendo have made a new F-Zero since the GC, that game was something else.

I have high hopes for Project X, Xenoblade Chronicles was the most fun i had with an RPG on a conole in years, I hope nintendo win this E3 bevause PS4 and the Xbone worry me.

Cary Woodham

06/09/2013 at 08:35 AM

I'm still bitter that I'm not going to E3 this year.


06/09/2013 at 01:58 PM

Agree with most your choices here. I especialyy would like to know more info and news for the Wii U, the next Smash Bros and to add something you didn't mention, more info regarding Sonic: Lost World.

"Hopefully this also means some obscure/never used Nintendo characters, like the Ice Climbers in Melee"

Umm, dude, the Ice Climbers were in Brawl, did you forget about it?

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