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Episode 228: 40 Going on 16

Posted on 07/29/2022 at 11:06 AM | Filed Under Feature

Oof, that ending always gets me even when I know it's coming.  Let's see, just finished this podcast in time but I also wanted to say I really appreciated the Special that came out even though I forgot to comment about it on the page.  I've only been around since really the last few Patrick episodes (which, cripes, was actually quite a while ago.  Weird how that works!) so it was really great hearing some cherry-picked moments from the podcast's past.

I was a little confused if the question really meant actual guest fighters/players or cameos or what so I just went from the heart and chose a little of each.  One of my personal favorite cameos that I've mentioned here before is in Secret of Evermore for the SNES where in the weird mirror town, Ebon Keep, you find Cecil from Final Fantasy IV and he basically goes, "Hey, have you heard about my adventures on the moon?  Me and Rosa moved here afterwards.  Anyways, have a bazooka."  Another great one I remember is the crossover that both Ape Escape 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3 have special unlockable modes where you play a version of the respective game on it (although Metal Gear Solid 3's was by far the superior version of Ape Escape!).  As far as guest characters (or guest bosses in this case), I always thought it was cute that Fighter's History Dynamite included the Ox from Karate Champ's bonus level (and title screen!) as a secret boss, which was its tribute to really one of the first (and certainly one of the first successful) fighting games ever.  I really hope people sent in some wild ones because this is one of those topics that is just such a deep rabbit hole!

Sometimes when you just can't seem to make the odds it's helpful to consult the ancient sacred texts.  Syphon Filter: "989 Studios sneaks onto the spy scene with an awe-some third-person action game that would stir even 007 to raise his martini in salute."  Driver 2: "Collisions are far too bouncy-what should be minor dust-ups send your car cartwheeling through the air, and many of the timed missions have far too little breathing room, Still, if you're the patient, dedicated sort-or simply a huge Driver fan-you may find a lot to love about Driver 2."  Hmmm.  Oh, Syphon Filter got 3 of those exploding heads while Driver didn't even get a single one.  Syphon Filter wins, blessings be upon us all, game pros or not.

Episode 227: Summon the Air Horn!

Posted on 07/15/2022 at 05:04 AM | Filed Under Feature

Ooh, I hate this question.  No offense intended, I feel it's just one of my real life monkey paw types of situations.  I wanted a new Castlevania for years (not that Bloodstained isn't great but I was open to it) and I got a, real quote, "Erotic Violence" pachislot machine followed by a mobile game that had a beta test in North America, released only in Canada, then was cancelled in the US at the last minute, only to somehow arrive years later but only on Apple Arcade?  No idea.  I am a Mirror's Edge fan and then years later Catalyst came out which got rid of all the hand-crafted levels and for whatever reason triple-downed on the much maligned combat.  True story, it doesn't quite count but I almost backed Mighty No. 9 for $99 but was "saved" at the last minute due to some bad news.  Heck, just today it was announced that Sk4te (pronounced Skuh-number four-teh of course), a revival that surprised the heck out of me, is going to be some sort of multiplayer F2P mess so not exactly looking forward to that anymore.  Great stuff.  I could go on and on.  While I kinda like the game, my sibling still owns a Deus Ex: Invisible War preorder t-shirt, and this was somehow even before I really got into the series.  Okay, that's enough.  TONY HAWK 5!

But let's ruin some more series why not, I'll just blame *you* guys when they announce some NFT garbage literally the day after this airs or something.  And I'll try and pick some oddballs so that doesn't happen.

Number 3: Goemon aka Mystical Ninja.  A bunch of decent SNES games and two really solid N64 games, that's enough to rake in the nostalgia vibes, so why not?  Oh, wait, more Pachislot, damn.  Actually, one of the reasons I wanted to bring this up is that I did play the Nintendo DS version in Japanese (which was the last real sequel) and thought it was really decent.  Maybe too "this is a Nintendo DS game with Nintendo DS controls dammit!" but that's certainly not unique for its time.  Heavily Japanese, some voice acting, and with a unique font and text layout, there was no chance of it being localized despite them also putting money into a GBA collection for Japan at the time.

Number 2: Boktai.  A charming little adventure/stealth series with lots of action and puzzles, the director, who is not Kojima, is still at Konami and working on an unannounced game.  But it's not going to be Boktai, I'll tell you that.  Maybe more Metal Gear: Survive, if you're lucky (?).  The final one, Lunar Knights, wasn't as good as the first two but I remember it had its charm.  But maybe it's good to be optimistic?  Even if it's rainin' cats 'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high.  Taiyooooooooooh!

Number 1: How about Kid Icarus?  I actually don't know much about the Nintendo 3DS one but I always hear good things if you don't mind the controls instantly transforming your hands into little lobster claws.  They should remake that, I don't even care if they have to totally redo it, or just do a non-sequel like Star Fox Zero.  Smash Bros is over, right, what else is Sora Ltd. doing?  Certainly nothing as important as Kid Icarus.

Edit: Okay, somebody already said Kid Icarus.  My other go-to for this was Ape Escape, but with Japan Studio recently closing I don't see that happening soon.  How about Mega Man Battle Network, another favorite of mine?  The collection was just announced, maybe it'll do so well they'll revive the series.

We go to a match already on its last legs.  Commander Shepard and slightly edgier Commander Shepard are standing over the struggling, beaten body of Jolee Bindo, the last Knights of the Old Republic holdouts, giving each other a high five and a slightly edgier high five.  But, wait, "A Better Beginning" starts to play, and here comes Sara Ryder down the runway with a folding chair, joining the more acclaimed Shepard twins in glory!   It's all over.  BAM!  Sara has instead attacked her much more famous Shepard twins, a class heel turn, knocking them down and out of the ropes!  "See?  I'm special too!  I'm acclaimed too!" she announces to jeering and booing from the audience, followed by hissing and garbage being thrown as she exits while doing various and assorted obscene gestures towards them.  "What are the odds of that happening, anyway? A billion to one? Changed the course of the tournament to come.  I'd call that quite a destiny, wouldn't you?" muses Jolee Bindo.  Knights of the Old Republics... wins?

Episode 226: Full Baddie

Posted on 07/01/2022 at 11:40 AM | Filed Under Feature

NOTE: I sent an email, check that first if it got through but it shouldn't be read out loud.

3. I'm going to go with Fat Chocobo in Final Fantasy V, or really any summon with a Fat Chocobo-like thing.  The gimmick in V is that 8% of the time when you use the Chocobo summon to kick and scratch at a single enemy instead what happens is that a Fat Chocobo drops from the sky doing over 2x the damage on all the enemies.  It's not really ever worth doing but it's just a fun little easter egg.  VII apparently also has a Fat Chocobo but it's only arguably stronger because it doesn't cause Stop.  But really any summon that has a little gambling involved is great in my book.  Also, speaking of Final Fantasy V and easter eggs, just a fun little fact to end this on, there is an easter egg in V where if you use the Magic Lamp item (that casts all the summons in order) enough times you get a reference to an obscure game by the lead developer of FFIV which is pretty neat.

2. Any of the summons in Bravely Default.  These things are batshit: .  I'm going to spoil them here but please listeners do yourself a favor and look up a video first.  Every one of them is a mythical god or creature merged with technology.  Girtablulu, a giant earth scorpion with a city on its back.  Hresvelgr, a wind jet plane that turns into an eagle.  Ziusudra's Sin, a smokey flood god, the Sumerian precursor to Noah.  Deus Ex, a giant electric spider made of gears that attacks with TV beams.  Susano-o, a giant swordsman that slices with an oil derrick.  And, my favorite, Promethean Fire, which is a flaming fucking ghost train.

1. Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, but when else can I bring this up?  I wanted to talk about Slots commands, which are kinda just like Call or Conjure but instead of delay or huge MP cost it kinda adds a skill/luck component.  Both Final Fantasy VI and VII have a great unblockable-instadeath that just feels awesome when you can manipulate it to work.  VII's Game Over is just busted (usable on everything.  The exploit is to skip an animation so it won't skip over it, a glitch you might be doing accidentally anyway by hammering the buttons), but even VI's Death Joker fail (that kills your own party) can be used anywhere the normal version is barred, against enemies, by using a Jump/Mimic exploit or by timing a Setzer/Gogo confuse perfectly.  It's great.  Then there's the other effects Slot has, like VI's Bahamut Mega Flare (Pixel version lets you keep Mimicing it) and Summon (random summon, which Mimics the call in all version) or VII's Lucky Girl (every hit until death or the end of the battle is a critical), Moogle (full party heal), or this weird one called Transform where all your party turns into one giant character.  Which, side note, they kinda make a class out of in Bravely Default.  It turns out if you learn the tools they are very fun!

And really that's just Final Fantasy.  Also, wanted to end with a shout out to Blue Magic, which is kinda similar and I like *even better*, and could be a Stage Select in its own right.

I don't have to submit anything this week because I bribed the hosts.  Fatal Fury wins.  Actually, Fatal Fury wins because it lead to Garou: Mark of the Wolves, one of my sibling's favorite fighters.  But that's just extra.

Episode 225: Headbanger's Ball

Posted on 06/17/2022 at 09:12 AM | Filed Under Feature

I'll start with the serious one, and that's the modern Deus Ex games.  These are great games that unfortunately fall apart in the end.  Human Revolution's ending is basically Metal Gear Solid 1's with more generic platitudes about "What is humanity?  What is technology?  Do humans do the right thing?" (no matter what option you picked), with even more generic stock footage to boot.  The stinger is fine (a reference to nanomachines, the Gray Death virus, and the main character from the original Deus Ex) but considering they had 2 novels, a short story, a comic book series, 2 sequels (one a phone game), and a failed film adaptation you'd think they'd have more plot involved.  Mankind Divided is similar, they wanted to make Deus Ex a franchise but the ending just... happens.  Mankind Divided *isn't* actually just an unfinished game but that ending sure doesn't help that impression of it.

Super Mario Sunshine.  You fight Bowser in a bath and then FLUDD acts kinda weird, then he FUCKING DIES, and then he's repaired so it's okay, only he doesn't talk again so it's kinda like is FLUDD okay or is that just a zombie or something?  A shell of a being, a tool of which personhood was ripped?  Wait, this is starting to sound like Human Revolution again.  I don't know, what a mess.

Bionic Commando (2009) is a classic one.  That whole game was an edgy mess though the ending just keeps it going.  Spencer spends the whole game trying to find his missing wife.  It's the only reason you join the mission because they have information about it so they offer it to you in exchange for the work of you and your super weapon, the Bionic Arm.  At the end you find out your cool Bionic Arm is, of course, your dead wife.  Really, the thing is that's the only way the weapon works, it contains the soul of your wife or whatever.  And the super bad double agent is the guy you save in the NES Bionic Commando, so that's gratitude for you.  Then you headbutt a mech to death and fall into a hole.  Finally, there's some German Morse code at the end which translate to basically a bad "and now for phase 2!" teaser that of course never came out (though there was a sorta prequel).  Gold stars all around.

Time for more logic.  Kingdom Hearts without Final Fantasy is just Disney, while Final Fantasy VII without Disney is just Final Fantasy VII without the Gold Saucer and Cait Sith.  The Gold Saucer isn't in the first remake and Cait Sith only is technically.  By the transitive property I think that means Final Fantasy VII Remake wins?  Somebody check my work.

Episode 224: Maximum Feet

Posted on 06/03/2022 at 09:39 AM | Filed Under Feature

Update: I ended up placing first this season in that relaxing game I mentioned I was competing in, Lonely Mountains: Downhill:

I think I chose more "shreddin'" songs than "rockin'" songs but here's my picks.  First up is Departure from Mega Man Zero 2, a great song in a series with great songs.

Also, I know it's been covered before but, damn, No More Heroes 2 - Philistine just goes way harder than it has any right to:

Finally, Castlevania obviously has amazing music.  But I wanted to highlight one of the lesser appreciated game's original song, Divine Bloodline from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood:

"The Great Evil King" Stanley Hihat Trinidad XVI can break the Pig Latin curse with barely (really hardly any!) side effects!  Who knows what other powers he commands!  Okage: Shadow King wins.

Episode 223: The Champ is Here!

Posted on 05/20/2022 at 10:47 AM | Filed Under Feature

Wow, that editing and voice work on the last podcast!  Great job!

Stage Select:
1. How are you doing?
Ignoring all the obvious like COVID, Long COVID, and the environment disintegrating... pretty okay!  I've been speedrunning a season of one of the chillest games ever this month (I mentioned it in the relaxing Stage Select), not because I'm good at it, but because I think it's funny to speedrun a chill game.  This last year I've beat every Final Fantasy from I to VII, most which I never played (which included VII believe it or not!).  Did you know Final Fantasy VII is actually okay?  At *least*?  Recently, I played this fun little obscure Japanese indie JRPG heavily based on NES Final Fantasy/Dragon Warrior and had a really good time with it, it's called Artifact Adventure.  In a couple weeks I'm going to start a late gardening project and I've been getting out of my comfort zone and reading some computer science-y things to exercise the ol' noggin.  So, pretty okay!

2. What are some YouTube recommendations?
It's pretty bawdy but I have a lot of fun with Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik.  I saw the weirdest boxing match recently that I thought was great so I'm posting that here too (just don't read the title because it spoils the result), Dad's Full Fight:

3. In a fight to the death with someone your size and build you have the choice of a 6 inch knife or an aluminum bat. Which weapon do you choose, knowing that the one you don’t pick goes to your opponent?
Like, Streets of Rage style?  Or maybe equip a Casey Bat and SMAAAASH!!

4. What do you smell like (or think you smell like)?
Moon swamps and old Egyptian bandages.  Bee's feet.  Calliope steam.  Electricity.  Axe body spray.

5. We’re going to McDonald’s; what do ya want?
A Happy Meal depending on the toy or whatever the latest promotional item is depending on what that is, extra large fries even though they'll never be great again, and a large chocolate shake or Sprite.  Make sure to ask if they have the McRib but only if they absolutely don't.

6. What’s YOUR idea for a Stage Select?
If every Stage Select got into the Cage and fought, which would win?  It's a new idea, but I'm thinking there could be a tournament of sorts that lasts months and months.

7. What video game fan fiction would you write (if you did)?
Apparently I write video game podcast fan fiction.

Video Game Cage Match:
Everyone that voted for Chrono Cross has committed an unnecessary and unprovoked personal attack.  No that doesn't have to make sense.  Shame on you!  Quest 64 wins and may God have mercy on our souls.

Episode 222: It's a Great Lake, But it Ain't a GREAT Lake

Posted on 05/06/2022 at 12:25 PM | Filed Under Feature


Episode 221: We Don't Talk About SOPFFO

Posted on 04/22/2022 at 11:53 AM | Filed Under Feature

Just a last minute entry as I'm nodding off!

Opening match: Can we be sure that Super Mario isn't a character in Chrono Cross?  Can we really be sure?  Chrono Cross wins.

Closing match: Say it with me: "SUPER BOOTSPORK."  Chex Quest wins.

Episode 220: We Don't Have a Good Name For This

Posted on 04/08/2022 at 06:43 AM | Filed Under Feature

I've heartily kept up with the NWPs but just feeling a bit sluggish and uncreative lately.  You're right in that it takes awhile to get back into things after a break!

Oh, I did also want to mention I was very interesting in the Stranger of Paradise discussion particularly!  I find its poor release really fascinating.  As someone familiar with Nioh but not particularly good at it, I found the demo very, very different from Nioh.  I can't believe somebody would play say the White Mage class and then say the Thief class and then just go, "Meh, it's just Nioh."  It's wild!  I was blown away by it really.

Opening Match:
Imagine, it's the year 2122.  Nature is all but gone, but paradoxically it is worse when it's directly, unavoidably in front of you.  Your existence is existent.  You understand the complexities of survival and nobody will look you in the eyes anymore.  After years of dubious quality, you find a dwelling, long ago a luxurious one but now hardly a windbreak.  Inside, there is a whistling gray machine with a holo-emitter still attached to it.  Your reward?  "It is me, Mario," says Chris Pratt.  It flickers, and sputters out.

Imagine, it's the year 2222.  The atmosphere is all but gone.  Existence is existence.  Once, people dreamed of owning a full environmental suit.  Now the idea astonishes precisely no one.  A bubble, a wall, containing movement and greenery for a brief hopeful moment in time, lets loose a shrill, cascading whistle.  The ambient energy display is slightly off, as it has been hacked time immemorial to display blocks instead of helpless information.  There is no other directed movement.  Tetris wins.

Closing Match:
My reasoning here is simple.  Mario Golf only just *might* be the best Mario Golf thing, but Chex Quest is *definitely* the best Chex thing.  Well, outside of like Muddy Buddies or something.  But until Muddy Buddies gets into the ring, its gotta be Chex Quest.  Also, Golf may have six irons but it doesn't have six-shooters, so: gun.  And let me stop you there, since this is a Nerd podcast I'll give you a Nerd answer.  Yes, Zorchers aren't guns, but the official comic specifically states that the weapons used against the Flemoids are *modified* Zorchers tuned to a transporter phase frequency which implies that Zorchers are energy weapons used to combat other threats.  I wouldn't want to take a modified Zorch Propulsor hit to the chest, let me tell you.  And don't get me started on the Super Bootspork.  Now, I'll reposition my glasses, adjust my pocket protector, and be on my way.

Special: The List 2, Part 4

Posted on 02/13/2022 at 05:35 AM | Filed Under Feature

Rygar PS2 I remember being super decent.  Actually, I went back and played the NES one not too long ago and was surprised how interesting that one was.  If it was just a little newer I think it'd be more of a cult hit.  Wonder why they never made a sequel to either of those?

Tony Hawk was good until Project 8 which introduced a really bad SKATE-influenced board catching maneuver and multi million point challenges in the first level, Proving Ground despite the bad name was also really good.  THUG was good but THUG2 was like the best, I think that's the one with the still insane modding community.  Weirdly neither of those are as bad as the later Wii/DS ones but then again SKATE had Skate It for the Wii/DS which were abysmal too.  I guess everything was cursed around that time!

The Warriors was great.  The movie has... issues but it's still fun.  I'll never forgive Rockstar for bailing on both the spiritual sequel to this (We Are The Mods) or the Bully ones.  Rockstar really doesn't do anything for me anymore and I hate that they continue to fail upwards (mostly in reference to their recent ports).

Honestly, not a ton I'd played this time but at least I didn't get stomach flu again right after!  (fingers crossed).  Thanks for The List!

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