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Episode 155: And now, magic rats.

Posted on 07/10/2019 at 03:48 AM | Filed Under Feature

DOOM (2016) is a great one!  I followed a stream that had it as break music and they'd constantly get new viewers asking which musician it was from (not even realizing it was video game music).

Episode 155: And now, magic rats.

Posted on 07/10/2019 at 03:45 AM | Filed Under Feature

Hey guys, I've got something to admit today. I know there's been a lot of secretive whispers and discussion both on and off the podcast, just a lot of mud flinging, and while I really didn't want to ever have to break kayfabe I have to set the record straight after the last episode. It's 100% absolutely true that I'm one of The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa. I know this comes as a shock but I'm hoping we can move past it and heal.

STAGE SELECT: Is there more of a correct answer than the Out Run soundtrack? I don't actually listen to it often irl but my favorite is probably "Passing Breeze". If I ever get a convertible, there you go. There's also a wealth of non-video gamey songs out there some of which are just genre tracks or that could pass as them (Let It Die famously had 100+ original pieces of mostly punk-like songs recorded for it from contemporary Japanese artists). My favorite that kind of muddles that distinction is from Mirror's Edge (that I mentioned a month or so ago) which is composed by Solar Fields who's an acclaimed psybient/downtempo electronic musician ("Shard" is my favorite). His stuff is both weirdly calming and high energy at the same time. If you count remixes? When I'm feeling wacky I'll put on Xoc's What's Pink and Sucks? And if you're into it the Metroid Metal collection is also a good one.

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Based on the strictest scientific standards of both astronomical AND astrological data the odds of Gradius pulling a 1CC over Space Invaders is 8:1. The Vic Viper might be able to dodge space volcanoes but a slowdown in its systems means it'll never even see the pixel accurate blow from the Laser Cannon (300 points). Personally, I love an underdog so throw me in with The Viper! I eventually played the real things but I also have fond memory of Konami shoving Gradius as mini-games in both Blades of Steel and Mystical Ninja. That said, Space Invaders also had some oddly decent remakes and reimagings over the years so I'll be happy either way!

Episode 154: Imagine Dinosaurs

Posted on 06/25/2019 at 02:01 AM | Filed Under Feature

Wow, The Scorpion King GBA, never thought I'd hear that one!  I played it when it came out.  It's probably so decent because it's by WayForward Technologies.  You know, the Shantae people.

I decided to do that Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta event I mentioned a few weeks ago.  It's fun!  Final Fantasy V is a good game.  It's neat finding weird synergies between classes or to have to overcome a glaring weakness in your team match-up.  And you know I love a good gamble.

Episode 153: Squinting Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Posted on 06/12/2019 at 02:45 AM | Filed Under Feature

Wow, that was a good episode! Didn't expect the Stage Select to go that deep at all for that type of question. Funny enough, since I last mentioned how easy it is in the modern era to find weird retro communities I ran across a yearly event where everyone can play a Final Fantasy V challenge run. Seems pretty neat!

STAGE SELECT: If you could have one media property (for example, a book, a movie, etc.) or concept (for example, a monster, a vocation, a hobby, etc.) that hasn't been made into a game before or has been done exceptionally (and I mean exceptionally) poorly before be made into a video game, what would it be, what type of genre would it be, and who would you choose to develop it?


Whew, don't know if E3 threw anybody else out of the loop, but it's a busy time for a bookie like me. I collected quite a few golden Jiggies myself, if you know what I mean. But anyway, it's odd-making time!

Ooh, gotta say, whoever set this match-up made a critical mistake. I'd say setting up Perfect Dark would make more even odds because even though it's probably a much more satisfying game than Goldeneye *mechanically* it doesn't have nearly the nostalgia fervor for it. I can spout nonsense here, saying "Oddjob is cheating" and "Proximity Mines only" or "Laser Watch" and wouldn't you know it but you've got a bunch of Nerds percolating like double-strength mug mud. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1, as compared to its later revisions, doesn't have manuals (a huge improvement which opened up lines and combos) and doesn't really even have useful lips or grinds... and instead in return it has those weird one-way Jam levels they all but got rid of. Also, School is no School II, it just isn't. I'll still bat for my Birdhouse buddy here and say Tony Hawk, but odds fixing or odds-fixing there's no fixing this match-up.

Episode 152: Digital Erasers

Posted on 05/29/2019 at 04:05 AM | Filed Under Feature

You guys forgot an important part of no Assassin's Creed imo, and that's that Prince of Persia (which it was based on originally) might have stuck around. Would this mean that games (especially more actiony and 3D platformers) would be less open-world in the long run? Would Patrice Désilets (the original creator) still have left Ubisoft or would he had been persuaded to stay, and would that have put AAA development into 1666: Amsterdam, a famous cancelled dream project? (

STAGE SELECT: I don't really think I have one. As the years go on it, for the most part, usually just gets easier and easier to revisit and find communities for classic games. Some of my favorite retro games I found out about only as an adult. I can play games on a modern system which were released 5, 10 years ago without much trouble. I will say I kind of miss the early popularity of modern indie game development as it seemed much more of an exclusive and exciting time. Now it's a bit of a mobile phone-like situation where even the most talentedly created new indie games have so much trouble in the market. And I trust indie developers when they say, as important as that is, that it's not only just because there's so much competition now.
Alternate answer: The era of the Super Game Boy. You can play handheld games on your SNES, in color! Radical!

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Hmm, a demigod of manifested burning rage who demolishes other demigods versus not-yet Freddie Mercury and a bunch of Camp Crystal Lake rejects. Yeah, I'll have to consult the crystal ball on this one.

Episode 151: Final Fantasy Builders

Posted on 05/15/2019 at 04:22 AM | Filed Under Feature

STAGE SELECT: Erase Ocarina of Time. You know why.

Just joking. How about Mirror's Edge Catalyst? They took the first one and added a skill tree in a skill-based game where one of the appealing parts was that you got better solely by playing better, a story that made the first one retroactively seem good, pseduo-open roaming that destroyed the crisp level design and platforming (and I think there was a grappling hook and a bunch of other tech garbage. Like, what?), and EVEN MORE FORCED GUNFIGHTS WHERE THE NUMBER ONE CRITICISM FOR THE PREQUEL WAS THAT THERE WERE ANY GUNFIGHTS AT ALL. Totally kills the flow. At least if there wasn't a sequel you could keep the hope alive. By the way, where's Skate 4 EA?

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: 3:5, Final Fight wins. No muss, no fuss. Maybe the people just like the name better? I try telling them Streets of Rage is actually called Doki Doki Panic in Japan and you should see the looks they give me.

Game-wise? Final Fight 1, while raw, is the endearing, nostalgic one in the Final Fight series. Everyone knows Haggar and Cody, and some people even know Guy. The one in Street Fighter that doesn't fight in handcuffs. I think he's a ninja? I don't know. Yeah, him. Streets of Rage 1? Well, Streets of Rage 1 might be some people's favorite (seriously, they exist), but does it have an acrobatic 'blader of death? A boxing kangaroo? Ash? Er, maybe the less said about Ash the better. But it certainly doesn't have "Go Straight". Or "Dreamer". Does it have "Expander"? No, and I bet you're already hearing those musical sirens in your head. Oonse-oonse-oonse-oonse!

Fight-wise? Gotta give it to Haggar. Excuse me, His Honorable the Mayor Michael Duncan "Macho" Haggar of got dang Metro City, which is like if old Detroit had a baby with old Hell's Kitchen, times two. And in the ring, let me emphasize this, THE RING, you're going against a double Slam Masters contender? Well, you just enjoy that Spinning Clothesline. A Spinning Clothesline so good they made him the mayor, or something.

Episode 150: Here Comes A New Challenger!

Posted on 05/01/2019 at 06:39 AM | Filed Under Feature

It's funny that it was mentioned that block puzzles are just obsolete because I think these recent years have shown the exact opposite! Stephen's Sausage Roll is essentially nothing but quote-unquote simple block puzzles and that won a bunch of journalist awards in 2016 and currently has a 97% on Steam. Or to use a recent example, Baba Is You which just came out combines block puzzles with logic puzzles (for instance, if there's a line that says WALL IS STOP, removing any of those blocks from that line means walls won't physically stop your character anymore) to make something fascinating and genre-breaking. In actuality it's almost something of a block puzzle resurgence!

STAGE SELECT: Six words: Final Fantasy Sixteen Milk Mod Economy. You may ask "cows"? Who cares all farms have cows! Yes Sir! You are absolutely right, all of Eos have cows! Just think about the possibilities! So, your are interested? Let’s continue then, when you join our ranks, you get exclusive access to milk machines spread across the Eos all equipment will be provided with a small fee. You will have exclusive contracts to sell your milk at finest prices, or you can leave it to yourself and enjoy its effects during dark cold evenings.

Seriously, though, I really like the old mix-and-match job systems that the old Final Fantasy games, let's say up to V, had. Something about mastering a job and then using its quirky masteries together with other job's abilities to destroy superbosses just feels really satisfying. That, or belts. Nobody's sick of adding more belts.

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Ooh, what close one! My numbers say that The Witcher 3 has an 11% chance of winning over Bloodborne! That's hardly anything. It's almost enough for somebody to fix the results or something. Say, does anybody remember that The Witcher 3 shipped with a movement scheme that was so horrible they patched it out instantly? Boy, I wouldn't want to be somebody to vote for The Witcher 3, how embarrassing! Also, make sure to put my vote towards Bloodborne for... totally valid, readily apparent legal reasons of course.  I mean, gameplay reasons.  Gameplay.

Episode 149: Remaking the Remaster

Posted on 04/16/2019 at 02:37 AM | Filed Under Feature

It's weird, the part I stuck on longest with this podcast, of all things, was the audiobook discussion. I guess it really depends on your concentration. Like, an audiobook you're listening to when you're doing three different things (or just driving! Which honestly you probably shouldn't be doing) doesn't seem to me like it'd get retained as well as the concentration required to even just focus on a book. Or maybe I'm just good at noticing when my reading slips and to refocus and reread? I can't imagine doing that really with an audiobook, at least on the level or with ease you can do that with a normal book. Even relooking something up, I seem to be able to refind stuff easier in a physical book than, "Oh, didn't I hear something about this? Oh, I'll never find it." Maybe I'm just a poor listener!

STAGE SELECT: Favorite puzzle? Any puzzle where the solution is to reenter the door you seemingly just came from. Take that, spatiality! Favorite puzzle maker? Zachtronics. I don't know how Zach makes a living (a living!) making obtuse, programmic puzzles fun but, by gawd, somehow they've done it!

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Yakuza 1 vs Skyrim!? What is this? Ketchup vs Chocolate? Houseplants vs Screwdrivers? I can't make odds on this nonsense! Also, am I crazy or is this like comparing something the size of Knott's Berry Farm versus something the size of Disneyland? You want odds, let's get odd. Give it to Knott's Berry Farm... er, Yakuza (and let's pretend it's 0. Go play 0).

Episode 148: Higher. Further. Faster.

Posted on 03/17/2019 at 09:22 PM | Filed Under Feature

Heck yeah, Tomba!  I mean, totally wrong on the Cage Match (like anyone would care if it wasn't Disney and Final Fantasy nostalgia.  Replace the paint with, I don't know, Hello Kitty and whatever Western RPG is popular and see who gives a dang.  Meanwhile, Mother series produced 3 totally original, creative games) but what can you do?

STAGE SELECT: I think it's easy to just throw a coat of paint on a popular game, add some horrible bloom, and, bam, successful remake.  But what's the point (I mean, you know, besides money)?  Why not take a great game that hasn't aged well and fix those things that make it unapproachable to today's audience, or even to take a flop in an otherwise fantastic series (misunderstood or not) and make that series's legacy even stronger?  So my submission is Zelda 2, possibly the least approachable mainstream Zelda game.  It's got a lot of fantastic things going for it (great sense of exploration, a strong combat system from a limited console, interesting platforming, and really a grand example of early Adventure games before that genre became more codified) but it certainly isn't for anyone that can't appreciate old-school-style Adventure games.  Give it a go, Nintendo!

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Booky's odds: 5:2 that Street Fighter V will lose (if you know your odds, that's bad). The numbers don't lie, people, Street Fighter V will win!  Personally, I think Mortal Kombat XL is the winner here, Street Fighter V not knowing what it wants to be and just another in a long line of missteps (woof that single player), with Mortal Kombat XL being the latest in a long line of funnest-if-not-always-consistent games that knows what it wants to be (wackadoo city).

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