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Eidos Interactive

Backloggers Anonymous Tomb Raider: Legend: Part 2

Wait for it....

Casey, Jamie, and Blake are back from Tomb Raider: Legend. Join our level by level breakdown of the experience while Casey gives his thoughts on Lara's character, Jamie expresses his love of the swan dive and Blake rants on why he hates London.

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Backloggers Anonymous Tomb Raider: Legend

Just in time for anyone anticipating the new Rise of the Tomb Raider, here comes Backloggers Anonymous with one of Lara Croft's older adventures: Tomb Raider: Legend. Before her franchise was rebooted in 2013, it was rebooted in 2006 as Lara traveled around the world in search of artifacts. Join us as Casey laments for past days of the franchise, Blake trashes the 2013 reboot, and Jamie gets excited over grappling hooks!

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Tomb Raider Slips Into Next Year

2013 is looking better and better, but will we have any big games left this year?

Last year’s E3 had some impressive titles that got fans excited for the 2012 gaming landscape. Of course, any year in the gaming industry wouldn’t be complete without a few high-profile delays. We already learned a couple weeks ago that BioShock Infinite would be slipping into 2013, and now you can add Tomb Raider to that growing list.

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Just Cause 2 Review

A grappling hook and parachute should spell success for this sandbox game, right?

I can't seem to sort out Just Cause 2. On one hand, it's frantic fun, with a bunch of unique gameplay elements that differentiate it from the massive number of sandbox games out there. On the other, its execution is so subpar that I can't help but dislike it. In other words, when Just Cause 2 is good, it's great, but when it's bad, it's really bad.

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April Fools '10 - Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review

Another UBER-Quality game from Eidos.

Kane and Lynch may very well be the console game of the century. Developed by Eidos, the title is an absolute MASTERPIECE.

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Diner Dash Review

Flo's transition into 3D makes for an unwelcome change to the series.

Diner Dash is a title that first caught people's attention in 2003 when it appeared on the PC. Since then, Flo and her infamous diner have been brought to consoles, handhelds, and even phones. The most recent addition to the series transitions Flo from 2D to 3D, giving players full control of her motions. If there is one lesson to be learned from my play time with the title, it's that overcomplicating a simple formula only leads to disaster.

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