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Five Fixes For Final Fantasy

We give Square Enix some friendly tips for keeping the Fantasy alive.

When Jesse Miller, our resident features guru, asked if I would be interested in doing a Final Fantasy retrospective for the series’ 25th anniversary last year my answer was a resounding “yes!” In the months that followed, I poured all of my love and dedication into a five part series detailing the 14 core Final Fantasy games. It was a labor of love for me; no series of games has been more influential or important to me as a gamer. I’m a staunch defender of these games, even when they go into weird territory like iOS time-wasters. That doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the fact that the series isn’t what it once was, however. As excited as I am for the future of Final Fantasy, I think that the fine folks over at Square Enix need to take a good long look at where the series stands. To that end, I have 5 things that I think could help immensely as we move forward into the next generation.

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The Seventh Generation Years

The crystal began shedding its light silently....

Welcome to the final part of PixlBit’s comprehensive look at the Final Fantasy series. In our last installment, we went through the PlayStation 2 era, which took the series into uncharted territory, for better or worse. This time, we look at the most recent Final Fantasy games, which have gone on to become the most divisive and controversial games in the series so far. Join us as we explore the Seventh Generation years!

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The PlayStation 2 Years

Final Fantasy gains a voice, and faith in the series begins to waver for the first time.

Welcome to the fourth part of our long look at the Final Fantasy series, in celebration of its 25th anniversary. In our last installment, we talked about how Square stunned the gaming world by leaving their longtime home of Nintendo platforms for the shiny new world of CD technology with Sony's PlayStation. This time, we look at the series in its somewhat shaky transition to voice acting, a controversial but successful transition into the online space, and the first game in the series to have real problems behind the scenes.

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The PlayStation Years

Final Fantasy leaves Nintendo and goes 3D

Welcome to the third part of our comprehensive look at the history of the Final Fantasy series, celebrating 25 years of role playing goodness. In the last edition, we cast the spotlight on three of the most highly regarded games in the series. This time we break into the third dimension and watch the franchise move into the mainstream. Join us now as we look at the PlayStation Years!

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The Super Famicom Years

We continue our journey with the "Golden Age" of Final Fantasy

Welcome to the second part of our exhaustive look at the history of Final Fantasy! In the first edition, we looked at the birth of a role playing series that would go on to capture the hearts and minds of millions of gamers worldwide and the man behind that idea-Hironobu Sakaguchi. This time we move into the 16 bit era, a time when the Final Fantasy franchise truly took its place on the world stage of RPGs. So please join us as we delve into the Super Famicom Years.

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Final Fantasy Retrospective: The Famicom Years

Join PixlBit as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy in style!

Final Fantasy is 25 years old! With Square Enix celebrating all year long through various events, game releases, and products, we decided it was the perfect time to take a look at the RPG franchise that brought us moogles, chocobos, and spoony bards. Considering that each major console generation has had three games released for it, we’ll be breaking down the entire series from I-XIV. Enjoy our first installment with The Famicom Years!

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December 19, 2012 - December 27, 2012

Tune in for Julian Titus' look back at the mainline Final Fantasy games across each generation in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the series!