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PixlTalk Episode 79: Good Vault Hunting

Yes, Borderlands 2 is in full swing.

Well, it's official. Nick and Chessa now have their copy of Borderlands 2 and have spent quite a bit of time online with fellow PixlTalker, Jason Ross, hunting vaults. Joaquim, despite not having Borderlands 2, still joins in on the Borderlands fun with his GOTY copy of the original game. The crew serves up some comparisons of the two games, talks their experiences with both, and for good measure, Nick even throws in his 2 cents on the latest from Team Ninja, Dead or Alive 5.

Following the extensive Borderlands 2 discussion comes some heavy discussion on the odd decision to release Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, instead of the Trilogy that's planned for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We round things out with the media's polarizing reaction to Resident Evil 6. No one has played the game, but demos and gameplay videos are enough to dissuade the entire crew from touching the latest entry with a ten foot pole.

After checking out the episode, hit the comments section below and tell us your thoughts on Borderlands 2, the Mass Effect Trilogy, Resident Evil 6, or anything else that might be on your mind. We'd love to hear it!




10/09/2012 at 02:02 PM

I just recently finished Borderlands and would love to play Borderlands 2 because I like the gunplay and leveling in the design of these games. These games offer a pretty relaxed atmosphere and sprawling areas where I can focus on wandering around, shooting people in the face, and finding junk so that I can analyze the numbers associated with it. I got through Borderlands 1 purely on gameplay, the narrative was so bad I stopped paying attention. The first game had the dumbest and most uninspired ending you could pull out of a hat. When the game ended with you plugging bullets into a giant, secret vault dwelling, immobile alien vagina I actually asked myself, "What the fuck was this game supposed to be about again?". The way you interact with NPCs is as boring and archaic as you can design, but the solid gunplay, exploring, and upgrading make these games well worth my time. It's like playing RPGs back in the day but in the form of a modern FPS in the sense that I would sit down with an old dungeon crawler and the story and characters would be dumb as shit but I couldn't stop playing because I loved all the exploration, loot, and upgrading.

Maybe for me Borderlands games are like a guilty pleasure, just like playing mediocre dungeon crawlers are. These games are dumb as shit and have some bland old RPG tropes, but it's so much fun that I love it.

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