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PixlBit's Wii U Launch Roundtable

The PixlBit staff got together to talk about their excitement for the Wii U. Join Us!


I guess I’ll kick things off. I really, really want a Wii U. I've been craving something shiny and new for some time now, and I want to get in on that launch hysteria. The only problem with that is I've been rather cold on the launch lineup, and the price point is a bit steep for me, considering that most of the games shown so far seem like games I can get on my 360 or PS3. So I've had to accept the fact that I just can't justify the price of entry when I look at the launch games and compare them to my massive backlog of PS3, 360, and DS games.

That shouldn't suggest that I'm not excited about the system or the games, though. I've been in love with ZombiU since I first saw it, and JD's hands on preview only added to my lust for that title. I'm worried that the GamePad implementation will end up feeling gimmicky to me, but the punishing, almost Demon's Souls in execution difficulty intrigues me. I miss true survival horror (emphasis on "survival"), and ZombiU feels like the Resident Evil I've always wanted.

This will probably surprise people that know me, but New Super Mario Bros. U would be the other game I would buy at launch. I've been down on the New SMB series simply because I don't see much about these games that's "new"--I've experienced these types of Mario games since I was 7. But I haven't actually purchased a Mario game since Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube (Japanese import FTW!), and I'm looking forward to playing another classic platform adventure. Also, I'm a confessed graphics snob, and finally seeing Mario in HD excites me...even if I think he's long overdue for a redesign.

Moving forward, I'm eager to see how Virtual Console games will be supported. Playing classic games on the GamePad seems like an ideal thing for me, and that would get me to actually buy some VC games at last. Of course, I can't wait to see the major Nintendo franchises in glorious HD (fingers crossed for Wii remakes), but I also hope the Big N brings some new blood to the table. Oh, and when I get a release date for Bayonetta 2 Nintendo can have my money, because that's a must-buy for me.


I already have a Deluxe Wii U bundle and ZombiU pre-ordered, so yeah, I'm definitely picking one up at launch. I'm getting one on launch for a few reasons; first and foremost, I love Nintendo. Even with the Wii being an overall disappointment, it provided some of my favorite gaming experiences this generation, and I can only imagine it will be the same with Wii U. The promise of a new Smash Bros, and the inevitable new Metroid and Zelda on the horizon, how could I not get one!?

At launch, the only game I really want is ZombiU, hence my pre-order. The game looked great, and had a great premise out of the gate. After playing it at NYCC, it's totally a game that I am hyped to experience. Other than that, Mario looks ok, but I'm holding out for Rayman (or a sale). In the future, I might get Darksiders 2 on Wii U just because it does seem interesting and has some added bonuses.

For me though, the excitement comes with what I like to call "the Promise of Nintendo." I know there is going to be a new game in one of the series that make Nintendo unique. A new 3D Mario and an HD Zelda are no-brainers but the possibility of an HD Metroid, Star Fox, Donkey Kong and F-Zero? Those sound pretty exciting to me, especially Metroid. Not to mention, Retro Studios is working on something new, which has me very interested. The Prime games are some of my all-time favorites and Donkey Kong Country Returns was amazing as well.

Of course one of the biggest is the next Super Smash Bros. I've dabbled in competitive Smash Bros. for years, and kind of fell off with Brawl (because Link is not very good, sadly...) but either way, I have a soft spot for the series and will likely dump hundreds of hours into playing that game with friends (and hopefully online if it works this time). Nintendo has done a pretty good job impressing me with the 3DS so I'm hoping that they continue the trend with Wii U.


I'm going to try my luck at getting a system on launch day without pre-ordering it just like I did with the Wii. It won't matter when I get it because I've set my mind up to only get one system for this coming generation. Also I'm a Nintendo zombie... thanks Julian.

I'm going to get ZombiU, Darksiders 2, and possibly NSMB U at launch. Definitely the first two I mentioned because I'm not too much of a fan for the "New" Mario games. ZombiU is a must for me because it's an original IP and I don't think I got any Zombie game this generation... oh wait, there was The House of the Dead Overkill which was great, and Zombi U looks great too.

Why Darksiders 2? A Zelda-esque game at launch, so why the fuck wouldn't I get it if I'm a Nintendo zombie? Plus, I enjoyed the first game.

What about the digital titles? If the Wii U's eShop is available within the week of the system's release there are three games that I would be getting: Trine 2, Nano Assault Neo, and possibly Mighty Switch Force HD. I never played Trine, so this will be an interesting gameplay introduction for me. I didn't get the 3DS release of Nano Assault, so duh. If MSF HD is basically the same as the 3DS version I will just skip it, hence the "possibly."

There's nothing in particular that excites me about the system except for the ability to further expand my interactivity with my fellow Nintendo zombies.


I’m going to hold off on the Wii U for now, and it’s simply because there aren’t enough games on the docket to convince me to drop that sort of cash. New Super Mario Bros. U is almost enough to drag me in, but when I look outside of that I don’t see too much. There are a few titles that look moderately interesting like LEGO City Undercover, but considering there are plenty of other games cued up for the 360 and PS3 that are just as appealing, I’ll hold off. I’m also still recovering from my 3DS launch regret. There was a long time there after I realized Pilot Wings Resort was mediocre when I didn’t have a thing to play on my flashy (and expensive) new system for months. I’m not interested in doing that again just for the sake of getting in on the one game I care about on day one.

I have nothing against the system – it looks like a nice expansion of both the Wii and DS features along with a sufficient upgrade in horsepower to look great on my TV. Adding the GamePad is by far the most attractive feature. At least it has the potential to be great. If developers get as creative as they did with the DS and devise some great uses for that pad, then I will be stoked. If it turns out like the Wii motion controls where there are a few standout implementations of the tech but mainly a bunch of crappy tacked on shaking-in-place-of-button-pressing, it will be a huge let down. I’m hoping for the best, though, and will buy a Wii U soon enough – the day after they announce Super Mario Universe.

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11/15/2012 at 02:39 PM

Great roundtable. I share sentiments from a few different staff members. Like Julian I would like something shiny and new. Like Patrick I think this next generation will be more about performance, animation, frame rate, and simulations. I don't care much about games looking better, I care most about games playing better. Efficient development, better tools, not having to start from scratch with every game, solid high frame rates, handling more complex simulations and interactions. Getting high quality, and free, development tools into the hands of as many people as possible. The more design-tool-literate people out there who can experiment, the better. Gameplay and simulations need to take more ambitious steps, but have great engines to do it with, and not have you go bankrupt just trying to design a system. Gameplay experimentation gets me very excite!

The Wii U gamepad seems pretty cool. I just need to get my hands on it, because even though it looks cool and has interesting functionality, I'm also skeptical because I'm hoping that it isn't too long or uncomfortable. I'm accustomed to playing games that utilize thumbsticks and triggers, but on the 360 controller the spread between each trigger is 3" and the spread between the thumbsticks is a little less than 3". Will it be weird to play a thumbstick/trigger game on a controller the width, shape, and button layout of the Wii U tablet controller? I'm going to go into the Gamestop by my house to see if they have a display Wii U and if they do I'll check it out. It probably won't be as drastic as I imagine, but I won't know till I try.

After all, I've played on weirder controllers before. The Duke was really wide and trying to press some of those buttons was like packing up for a cross country trip. I really like small, light, traditional controller design like the PS3 and 360 controllers. Fairly ergonomic, not too big or small, and for the most part the buttons are all easy to get to. I wonder how many games will be able to use the Wii U's Xbox 360 imitation controller? I'd probably end up using that a lot if it's available.

Joaquim Mira Media Manager

11/15/2012 at 10:38 PM

I tried the gamepad yesterday. I liked it. I even played a bit of the Rayman Legends demo. It worked fine, and felt fine holding it. You should definitely go to wherever the closest Wii U demo kiosk is and try it.

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