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Wii U Hands On Preview

Just now, I had the opportunity to briefly hold the new Wii U tablet controller. I wanted to quickly share my opinions, so this will be brief.

Holding the controller from the very top, with the index finger situated above the L and R buttons and the middle finger on the ZR and ZL buttons is uncomfortable, because of where the ridge in the back is. It makes it difficult to reach the buttons and the D-pad. I had more comfort extending my fingers upward and holding the controller a little lower.

The unit is "bottom heavy," in that its balance isn't centered, and the bottom is heavier. The screen is not detachable by conventional means. On top is a Wii-style IR camera. It's about the same shape and size as that of the Wii remote. Additionally, there's a charge port with a little cover on it in the same style charging port as the 3DS. To its left is the stylus holding area.

All four shoulder buttons didn't feel like they had analog pressing functionality, but I'm not certain of that unfortunately. Beyond this, the buttons (A,B,X,Y) are similar to the 3DS. The slide pads are actually improved, with a nunchuk-style rubberish ring around them, allowing them to be deeper so that your thumbs rest easier on them. The D-pad was large, like 3DS, but not so clicky.

It also has speakers, with a volume slider on the top, right side.



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