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Push Start to Continue   

Push Start to Continue Episode 7: The Land Before Homeward Bound Edition

Sometimes you just need a good cry

In this exciting installment of PStC the guys talk about Lara's abrupt character arc in the new Tomb Raider, discuss evolving game review scores, and somehow end up on the subject of movies that made them cry as children.  Check the machismo at the door and prepare to get your cry on now, on Push Start to Continue.

And to our awesome community, if you have suggestions for topics for future episodes, let us know! If you want to hear about it, we want to deliver it!

And just because Jesse likes to see Mike cry, here's some emotional clips from Homeward Bound!

Alright, fair is fair.  Here's the scene from Land Before Time that made Jesse cry like a lost little girl....

There.  Now no one is happy anymore.

Indie Game Spotlight: DLC Quest and Live Freemium or Die by Going Loud Studios

Pick it up on Mac, Steam, or XBLA!

If you want to check out that prison sim game Mike was talking about, Prison Architect, here's the link to the Steam Store page.

Music courtesy of...

Intro: Densmore by Anamanaguchi

Interlude: Oringinal Music from DLC Quest

Outro: Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Geruda Vally by SuperGuitarBros

Got questions or comments for the crew?  Hit us up on Twitter! 

Jesse: @Id10t_Savant

Mike: @Off_The_Wally

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Angelo Grant Staff Writer

03/30/2013 at 02:48 PM

Thanks for the shout out guys. 

I know what you mean about sad stuff. My kids were watching The Lion King on TV a few weeks ago, and yeah, there's a tearjerker moment in there too. Despite having seen that film like a million friggin times I still got a little watery watching it. 


04/02/2013 at 02:55 AM

DLC Quest was a great experience; short & relavant satire, never overstaying it's welcome, never forgetting that it is a game and should be enjoyed as such.

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