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PixlBit Presents: Sh*tty Game Review Fest 2014

Come see four PixlBit staff members unbox their crappy games on video!

Sometimes it's necessary in life to shake things up. The fact is, the PixlBit writers seem to have it too good, so Chessa and I (but mostly Chessa) concocted a little event for our own amusement. Rather than allow our writers to continue to cover the things they love, we've decided to force upon them the junk games that have been sitting around PixlBit HQ for ages.

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Push Start to Continue Episode 7: The Land Before Homeward Bound Edition

Sometimes you just need a good cry

In this exciting installment of PStC the guys talk about Lara's abrupt character arc in the new Tomb Raider, discuss evolving game review scores, and somehow end up on the subject of movies that made them cry as children.  Check the machismo at the door and prepare to get your cry on now, on Push Start to Continue.

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Always Online Games and the Subject of Reviews

An editor-in-chief's conundrum thanks to Sim City's rampant issues.

Reviewing games isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Boiling down exactly how you feel about an experience while providing an objective assessment of the game’s components is a delicate balancing act. With the introduction of always-online games, specifically Sim City, this fragile process has been put to the test. As editor-in-chief of this website, I have to consider how this new component of gaming is factored into our review policies and make a call about how the game’s score is affected.

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PixlTalk Episode 42: Elder Holiday Rush of Duty

Maybe November release schedules, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Skyrim aren't the same as life, the universe, and everything, but they're pretty close, right?

Episode 42 welcomes rookie PixlTalkers Jesse Miller and Mike Wall to the group as they join Jason Ross and Joaquim Mira. This week's episode has three main topics, the first involving the holiday onslaught of game after game after game. In particular, the group really feels like Ubisoft just didn't time their release dates well. Afterward, conversation moves to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, as well as the game's rivalry with Battlefield 3. The podcast concludes with some discussion of Skyrim, its dragons, and its glitches. Click through to listen to the podcast!

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