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Has EA Been Developing For Project Cafe Since August 2010?

A listing on a LinkedIn profile points to the possibility.

According to a listing on LinkedIn, an engineer at EA North Carolina was working on "audio support for an unannounced title on an unannounced Nintendo platform" from August to October of 2010.

Being that EA North Carolina handled development of the recently released 3DS game, Madden NFL Football, it's easy to assume that the work this developer did was in relation to that game; however, by August of last year, the 3DS was known far and wide thanks to its incredible exposure at E3 2010.

Additionally, EA North Carolina has also handled the ports of a couple other games to both the Wii and PlayStation 2. As such, it might make sense that the team is focusing their efforts on moving an upcoming EA Sports title over to Project Cafe while one of the other teams is preparing the main release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

At this point it has been rumored that EA has had a development kit for a few months, but this listing could bring validity to the rumors and imply some other information about Nintendo's upcoming console.

If the 2012 release date is indeed what Nintendo is targeting for Project Cafe, this would mark a significant improvement in Nintendo's operating procedures with third party developers, as this would enable developers to learn the hardware and have a strong software launch alongside the system.




04/27/2011 at 03:32 PM


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