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New Jak & Daxter Shelved in Favor of The Last of Us

Ahead of beginning work on the upcoming survival game, Naughty Dog strongly considered bringing back Jak & Daxter.

Naughty Dog, as we all now know, has recently divided its studio into two distinct teams, each working on their own individual titles. The split and subsequent augmentation was done to accommodate future growth for the Uncharted developer. The first game taken on by this new team is The Last of Us, which was officially unveiled at last year's VGAs. Ahead of making the decision to start work on this new title, Naughty Dog told Game Informer that they strongly considered bringing back the fan-favorite Jak & Daxter series.

After exploring the idea, the company decided against the idea for a number of reasons.

“Even if we felt like we’re going to give the fans another Jak & Daxter, we felt we weren’t going to give them the game that they wanted. We would end up limiting the direction that the company had this passion for while simultaneously not creating the game that fans wanted. We just realised we were going to just do everybody a disservice. So at that point, the conversations started to move in a new direction.”

Though an HD collection of the first three games in the series is due to release this week, it appears that the company will be putting the series on indefinite hold for now. With the Uncharted team planning their next game, it's possible they "could move on to Jak & Daxter," but it's unlikely because they'd "run into all of the same problems with that team that [they] did with [The Last of Us] team.”



Jon Lewis Staff Writer

02/06/2012 at 05:54 PM

From what I read, and the small video that I saw, it seems like they were trying to hard to intergrade some of what they have learned with the Uncharted series into Jak. Rather than embracing their Jak roots, they tried to hard to make Jak the cinematic experience that Uncharted was and lost the essence of the series. Honestly, id rather them go with the new IP, and return to Jak when they have a better idea on how to keep it feeling like Jak. Btw, cant wait to pick up the Jak Trilogy. Never got to finish any of them but i loved playing them at friends houses.


02/07/2012 at 12:08 AM

Yeah, it is clear that they were going in a bad direction based on that article/video. Kind of a shame they would go in that direction when bringing it back instead of making something more in line with the PS2 games. Oh well. I would have liked to see a new one, but it doesn't seem like making a new one is something they really wanted to do right now.

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