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Sonic Generations Hands On Preview

Sonic didn't fair well on the PlayStation 3, but how does it play on the 360?

This year, we're doing something a bit different. In order to bring you coverage as fast as possible, we'll be posting audio recordings of notes from staff members at E3 and later adding in a written version of the impressions. Please click through and check out this staff member's recorded thoughts on the game from the E3 show floor.


- PS3 version of the game was choppy and had a bad framerate. Bad showing, but isn't final version of the game so.

- Xbox 360 version demoed.

- You maintain speed and momentum unlike Episode 4

- Spin Dashes are a bit odd. Run up a ramp after spin dashing will return Sonic back into neutral position rather than keeping him in a ball

- Spring boards work weird, can't hop into a ball by hitting down, but will stay in a ball if you spin dash into the spring board

- Classic Sonic levels hold up and still feel like their original counterparts

- there are some improvements to the older enemies that don't actually become a detraction from the experience.

- Jumping feels a little sticky, which is awkward. Might've been a display issue in the animation

- Overall it was fun in Act 1

- Act 2 uses the new style, Sonic Rush in nature. Boosting is available in these stages.

- Gameplay here is more twitch based because of the extremely fast boost. Rail Sliding? is available here as well as the homing attack

- These stages are tough as a result of these mechanics

- Can homing attack backwards, so you need better timing

- It's also possible to do tricks in the air by moving the control sticks in the opposite direction. This helps fill the boost meter.

- Act 2 - like a mix of Rush and Unleashed

- Overall the game demoed decently and worked pretty well. Cautiously optimistic.

- Classic sonic here should be enjoyed by old timer fans as well



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