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Castlevania (1987)

Backloggers Anonymous Castlevania

After almost a year long hiatus Backloggers Anonymous returns with a game to get you back into the Halloween spirit: Castlevania. Casey, Catherine, and Blake all tried to finish off Dracula before they got 25 Game Overs. Did they succeed? Did they fail? Check in to find out then try the challenge yourself! Then give Super Castlevania 4 a try for when the three of them return next time!

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Castlevania Review Rewind

Stalk the Night

For years, the story of Count Dracula has been told many times over, with different spins on how he wrecked havoc on human society and such things.  I dare say that there isn't a person on Earth who hasn't heard of the some point in their lifetime.  So given the popularity of this character, it was only natural that Dracula would eventually be featured in video games, when gaming found a new life on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  And sure enough, in 1987, Konami released Castlevania-- a game that featured a whip-wielding hero on a mission to defend the local townsfolk and stop Dracula's bite for good, or so he hoped.

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