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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Review Rewind

The Weakest Link

The Legend of Zelda set the bar for the action-adventure genre with its perfect mix of action and the thrill of finding the next dungeon or quest-critical item. It was gaming as golden as the cartridge itself.  Then came the sequel.  Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was originally released for the Family Computer Disk System (FDS) in Japan on January 14, 1987.  The game was then converted into a standard cartridge for its release on the NES in North America on December 1, 1988.  Though it still had the familiar trappings of exploration, fantasy, and adventure, it also came with some drastic changes that weren't well-received by all--myself included.

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Nintendo Has Big Plans For The 3DS eShop

Tons of original releases, Virtual Console titles, and demos are on the way.

Nintendo is known for many things, and chief among them would be their amazingly popular library of games. While that has kept the company firmly in the hearts and minds of millions of gamers, most hardcore fans would admit that the Big N hasn’t quite leveraged the digital space as well as they could. Nintendo is hoping to turn that sentiment around when it comes to the 3DS eShop. The eShop has seen some impressive original releases and some classics on the Virtual Console, but Nintendo is coming strong with a lineup of titles and content from October through the end of the year.

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