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Super Metroid

Nintendo World Championships 2015

It's been 25 years since the last Nintendo World Championships.

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Super Metroid Review Rewind

It's going to be thirty cents for a month on Wii U, and that is a steal.

More stunning confessions from me to you! I didn’t get into the Metroid series until Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion, and didn’t even play Super Metroid until maybe two years after I played Metroid Prime. While the first Prime title took many design inspirations from Super Metroid, I didn’t enjoy Super Metroid at first, mostly because I played it through less than reputable means. Once I got to play it on the Wii Virtual Console, I finally understood why this game is considered an SNES classic. Super Metroid sports great game design, with a wonderful atmosphere unparalleled on any 16-bit system. At only 30 cents on the Wii U eShop until June 16, there’s little reason to not give this excellent title a shot.

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Monday Night PlayBit

Join Jason as he plays Super Metroid in the live pilot episode of Monday Night PlayBit, beginning approximately 7:45 pm!

Monday Night PlayBit, a new PlayBit feature I plan to do weekly on PixlBit, is having it's pilot debut! Join me as I play some (or all) of Super Metroid tonight! The show begins soon (Or has begun if it's after 8:00 PM EST and you see this!)

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