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Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

More like a light drizzle.

What’s the key to great horror? More importantly, what is the key to creating great horror video games? Is it a strong, relatable character? Is it the combat? Monster designs? Atmosphere? Whatever your answer, one thing became abundantly clear to me as I played Silent Hill: Downpour: developer Vatra Games didn’t ask this one crucial question at any point in this game’s creation.

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Konami Updates Silent Hill Release Dates

March is going to be busy.

Survival Horror fans will have plenty to keep them occupied in a few days as Konami has announced that Silent Hill Downpour, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and the Silent Hill HD Collection will all be released in the second half of this month.

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The Future of Silent Hill Revealed

Konami has a three month block of terror planned.

Things have been a little slow in the Silent Hill department for a while now. It’s been two years since Silent Hill: Shattered Memories came out for the Wii, and that was more of a remake of the first game than an entirely new entry in the series. News on the future of the franchise had slowed to a trickle after the delay of Silent Hill: Downpour. Well, consider this a flood of information, as 2012 will see not one, but three releases bearing the Silent Hill name.

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Silent Hill: Downpour Delayed

The rain won't be starting until Quarter 2 2012.

Those looking forward to take another trip to the idyllic town of Silent Hill will have to wait a bit longer as Silent Hill: Downpour has been delayed until Quarter 2 2012 which would put it in the realm of a March to June release. 

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Silent Hill 8 Officially Named, Screenshots Released

The follow-up to Homecoming will be known as Downpour.

Today, Konami revealed the official title for their upcoming title, Silent Hill 8. Known now as Silent Hill: Downpour, the game will bring players back to the town of Silent Hill with an all new storyline and characters. Coming on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the game will be available at an unspecified date this fall.

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