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Star Wars 1313

PixlBit Staff's Most Anticipated Games From E3

The show is over and so the PixlBit staff discusses the games that gave them the most thrills this year.

This year was a bit thinner than what we were expecting, especially with Nintendo supposedly pulling back the curtain on the Wii U.  But while we were left a bit underwhelmed and with more questions than answers there were still plenty of games on display to get us excited for something.

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Lucas Arts' Star Wars 1313 Revealed

The third person action adventure title will be featured at next week’s E3 conference.

Spike TV’s most recent episode of Game Trailers proved to be an eventful one, giving us our first glimpse of what’s ahead for next week’s E3 conference. Among the exciting announcements that were revealed was LucasArts’ newest in-house development project, Star Wars 1313. This third person action adventure title will see players take on the coveted role of bounty hunter.

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