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#Aliens Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Game Over Man!

Unlike most reviewers, I feel like I had a unique perspective going into Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. My fandom of the series only reaches back a few months, when friends recommended that I check out Alien and Aliens. While both movies were great, I didn’t really have the grasp on the series like most that grew up with the franchise. Also unlike most that went into this game, I didn’t have the chance to play it until after the backlash. Reports of the game being horrendous can be found everywhere, and while I agree to an extent, I feel that the majority of this game’s lackluster reception is due to the lofty expectations of diehard Aliens fans. However, nothing can stop Alien’s Colonial Marines from being a generic shooting experience that fell way below the standards of a great game.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 17: The All-Japan Pro Podcast

Sayonara, Rob-san!

Welcome to another edition of Nerds Without Pants! No, this show isn't about an epic wrestling match between Antonio Inoki and Great Baba.This time, we revisit a topic that we talked about when we were still the Tri-Force crew on PixlTalk: Japanese games. Instead of rehashing material we take advantage of the fact that we’re nearing the end of the console cycle and grade major Japanese developers on their performance. Before that, we talk about what games we’ve been playing.

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Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines is “The Best Looking Version” Says Gearbox

Gearbox Producer teases that the Wii U is a “Powerful, Powerful Machine”

Skeptics have been dismissing the Wii U since its reveal, claiming that the new console still will fail to hold a candle to the current generation consoles. Some developers have been going out of their way to dispute these claims, such as Vigil, the company behind Darksiders 2, claiming that the console will have a version of the game that is “at least as good as” the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Gearbox however, goes even further to say flat out that The Wii U version of their upcoming title, Aliens: Colonial Marines, will indeed look better than the rest.

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