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Nerds Without Pants Episode 142: NWP AMA


If you thought the last episode of Nerds Without Pants was super-sized, you have another think coming! This is our longest show so far, but every minute of it is pure gold. We have the host of the Clickbait Update podcast (and NWP super contributor) to tackle a massive AMA for Stage Select. So go do a bunch of chores and let us entertain you!

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Ram Racing Review

Need for sleep.

This review is part of the 2014 Sh*tty Game Review Fest - read about the event here.

Believe it or not, the Dodge Ram license is the least offensively bad part of this bargain bin shovelware detritus that came out on Wii a few years ago. I'll grant that it's a fairly novel way to grab the attention of the idiot masses, and it's never been done before. Now that the good aspects are covered, it's all downhill from here.

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Retro City Rampage: DX Review

Electric Seaweed.

Video game parody is hardly something new. For generations, games have found plenty of subtle (and not so subtle) ways to lampoon iconic games, the industry, and culture. Until Retro City Rampage, I’m not sure we’ve had a single work that’s so utterly dedicated to the practice. You won’t find a single mission in the game that’s not parodying games, or ‘80s/’90s culture, or something you’re sure to remember if you grew up during the days of the NES.

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Gran Turismo 6 - "Start Your Engines" Trailer

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